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I have been busily playing through this battle whenever I’ve had some free time, and things are certainly hotting up! I’m going to post this battle report in phases due to the nature of Cross Fire, which doesn’t have a turn sequence as such, when a particular side has the initiative they are able to keep acting until the initiative is lost by certain circumstances.

Phase 1 – Reconnaissance

Initially, The Old Guardsman wanted to find out a little more about what he would be facing and so sent out some night patrols. The intelligence gained from this has been marked on the map.

Phase 1 Recce

As you can see the Germans have infantry on the hill to the right flank and in the edge of the wood overlooking the river on the left flank. One patrol from Able Company stumbled into an MG nest in the hedgerow that opened up and decimated them entirely. Rifle fire from the right flank cut-up the other Able Company patrol in the wood line on the river bank, obviously alerted by the MG opening up in the centre.

Baker Company sent a patrol through the field on the left flank and detected the rifle unit on the water’s edge but remained undetected. So after some nocturnal chaos The Old Guardsman had gained useful intelligence on the enemy positions and was able to create a plan of battle.

The Battle Plan

Phase 1 Battle Plan

The Old Guardsman decided to use all of his artillery fire missions. firstly to bombard the hill on the left flank (with a few dropped on the hill to the right) and lay down two smoke screens, one to cover the amphibious assault on the left and the other to cover the fording point in the centre.

2nd and 3rd platoons of Baker company along with the engineers will make an amphibious assault on the left flank under the cover of the smoke screen, they will be supported by an HMG team. 1st platoon of Baker will make its way, with support from the second HMG team, across the ford and setup on in the woods to add fire support for the amphibious assault.

A squadron tanks are to cross the ford and proceed up the main road to junction and hold position whilst 2nd platoon of Able company infantry will attack into the field and then hold their position. B squadron tanks are to cross the ford and swing right to give fire upon the hill to the right with support from 1st platoon Able company who is to make its way to the right-hand wood line. Finally 3rd platoon Able company is to be held in reserve.