French & Indian Wars

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Canadian Militia

Trouble in the Colonies


Progress on the Frontier

Pic 1

A Brave New World


Pressing the Advantage

F&I Bases

Base-rate inflation


Seeing the wood for the trees

5 thoughts on “French & Indian Wars”

  1. Omg not another new period! My house is developing a magnetic field! Stop tempting me to buy more metal!

  2. Ha! Another wargames ‘magpie’ tempted! 😉

    It’s a very interesting period to be sure. I’ve done little with this project for a while on the blog but I have been searching for that ever elusive ‘perfect game system’ for it.

    Recently, I bought ‘Long Rifle’ from Two hour Wargames which look interesting, tho I have yet to test-drive them.

  3. I think I’ll definately start with Musket and Tomahawk but always interested to see how you get on. Similar to Lions Rampant in that us “magpies” can be up and running for below a hundred pounds.
    All the very best
    Mike B

  4. The group I am with has played the period for years and find it very enjoyable. Constant variety good choice and nice figures.

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