Memoir 40k

Battle dice

Infantry – Each infantry symbol rolled will cause one casualty to an infantry unit.

Vehicle – Each vehicle symbol rolled will cause one casualty to a vehicle unit

God Machines – Each God Machine symbol rolled will cause one hit on a God Machine.

Leader – Each Leader symbol rolled will cause a leader to become a casualty.

Target – Each Target symbol rolled will cause a hit an any unit except Leader units.

Retreat – Each Retreat symbol rolled will cause a unit to move back 1 hex directly away from the unit .

Game Turn

  • Play an order card
  • ORDER Announce all that units you intend to order, within the limits of the order card just played.
  • MOVE Move all ordered units you wish to, one at a time.
  • BATTLE Battle with one ordered unit at a time. Select an enemy unit and:
  1. Check battle range and line of site
  2. Check potential terrain effects
  3. Resolve the battle
  • Draw a new command card

Move units

Movements are announced and made sequentially, one ordered unit at a time. A unit may only move once during a turn, though an ordered unit does not have to move.

You must complete one units move before beginning another. In addition, you must complete all movements before moving on to the battle phase.

Two units may not occupy the same hex. When moving a unit, you may not move through or on to a hex occupied by a friendly or enemy unit.


Battles are checked and resolved sequentially, one ordered unit at a time, in sequence decided by you. You must announce and resolve each battle before moving on to the next one.

A unit may only battle once per, though an ordered unit does not have to battle.

A unit attacking an enemy unit in an adjacent hex is said to be in a ‘Close Assault’, a unit attacking an enemy unit more than one hex away is said to be ‘Firing’.

An ordered unit that is adjacent to an enemy unit must ‘Close Assault’ that unit, if it chooses to battle and cannot choose another more distant enemy unit.

Line of site

An ordered unit can ‘Fire’ through any intervening occupied or terrain hex as long as long as both the ‘Firing’ unit and the target enemy unit are both of a larger size than the blocking hex.

God Machines have a clear line of site to and from any size enemy unit though an adjacent occupied or terrain hex which is at least 2 sizes smaller than the God Machine itself.

Battle Hierarchy

Target units of a higher ‘Unit Class’ than the battling unit ignore the first ‘Target’ symbol rolled on the battle dice.

Target units of a higher ‘Unit Type’ than a battling unit of the same ‘Unit Class’ ignore the first ‘Target’ symbol rolled on the battle dice.


  1. God Machine
  2. Leader
  3. Vehicle
  4. Infantry


  1. Super Heavy
  2. Heavy
  3. Medium
  4. Light


For each retreat symbol rolled on the battle dice, a unit must move one hex directly away from the unit that caused it to Retreat.

Single model units

A unit which is made up of a single model can take a number of hits equal to its ‘Damage Capacity’ which is equal to its ‘Size’.

Void Shields

God Machines have a number of void shields equal to its remaining ‘Damage Capacity’. This is the number of dice you can roll to save against an enemy battle dice. Each ‘God Machine’ symbol rolled will ignore a single hit.


Leaders can be either a single model or a unit of of up to four models. A single Leader model can attach itself to any unit by occupying the same hex as the unit. A Leader unit cannot attach itself to a unit until it is reduced to a single model.

Single Model Leaders

  • Single leaders may attach themselves to a unit by moving into the same hex.
  • When attached to a unit a single Leader moves as the unit, allows the unit to score a hit on the Leader symbol when battling and allows the unit to ignore an additional retreat symbol when being battled against.
  • When battle dice are rolled against a unit containing a leader any Leader symbols rolled will cause the Leader to become a casualty, as long as at least one casualty is caused to the unit as well.
  • An attached Leader can leave a unit when the unit is ordered, allowing the unit and Leader to move independently. A Leader may not leave a unit and attach themselves to another during the same move.

Leader Units

  • Leader units consist of up to four Leader models.
  • Leader units are hit on Leader symbols and the symbol for the unit class that they count as e.g infantry, vehicle, etc
  • Leader units may not attach themselves to a unit. When a leader unit is reduced to a single model it becomes a single model Leader.

Unit Stats

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