Unnumbered Sons


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With the new Warhammer 40k – Imperium magazine out, I am using it as an excuse to expand my budding Adeptus Mechanicus collection and to start two new ones, both the Necrons and Primaris space marines.

I racked my brains to decide which chapter to paint my new ‘uber’ marines before I realised that I can do them all!

Upon waking from his 10,000 year lie-in, Roboute Guilliman went on crusade with his shiny new space marines of the founding chapters, known as the ‘Unnumbered Sons’ or ‘Greyshields’. What if the Unnumbered Sons were kept on as an inter-chapter force to help the thousands of chapters to understand and cooperate with each other? This would allow me to paint any and all of the chapters!

With this in mind I started with the first two models I had at my disposal..

Chapter Master Adulphus Heller of my homebrew chapter, the ‘Iron Eagles’ space marines. He is a stern and uncompromising tactician who braved the Rubicon to ascend to become a Primaris marine and seconded himself to the Greyshields to better learn the ways of the other chapters astartes.

Lieutenant Tolmeres Dadrist of the Black Templars space marines. He is a bellicose and hot-headed warrior who leads from the front and is always to be found in the thickest fighting.

I am particularly happy with the finish on my Black Templar marine as I feel I’m getting the hang of using oils and am really happy with the Black armour in particular. With the next couple of marines out in a few weeks I look forward to deciding which chapter liveries to try my hand at next!



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Years ago, when I still played the unwieldy behemoth that was Warhammer 40k, I had a rather large Imperial Guard army and as part of it I owned no less than six Chimera APCs. They have always had a place in my heart, those sturdy little tanks, many is the time my opponents scoffed at them before having their precious troops bathed in promethium fire from their hull-mounted flamers or had their light armour knocked out by the humble multi-laser!

I flogged the majority of my army on eBay years ago when the need to eat overcame my love of toy soldiers and so this project was an homage to my favourite tank from the Warhammer 40,000 universe. As I only had to build and paint one model for my display collection, rather than getting as many ready for the table as quick as possible, I decided to go to town with converted bits and a fancy camo paint job…

Ordo Xenos


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“The purfidy of the alien is myriad, they understand no alliance, they know not the illumination of the immortal God Emperor. I shall not rest until the galaxy is cleansed of their filthy infestation!”

Lord inquisitor Erasmus Van D’Crulle
Ordo Xenos

Clad in an archaic suit of tactical dreadnaught armour, its life support systems the only thing keeping his hoary body alive, Inquisitor Erasmus Van D’Crulle trekked the dusty wilderness of an alien world in search of a relic of the inscrutable Aeldarii.

Finally he alights upon esoteric ruins of obvious xenos origin, could this be the place in Jhall Shekk’s vision?..

Slay the grey!


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I have, like many a hobbyist, acquired  lots of models over the years. Inspiration takes me off to eBay with a head full of dreams of new projects, but unfortunately my crafting speed simply cannot keep up. Even with a 15 month old son to run around after, I had an hour or two every night to commit to model-making and painting but, alas, it still wasn’t making a dent In the pile.

With a family to feed and a pile of hobby rubble to sort out, something needed to change. I could have made the same resolution that all have tried at some point, to simply stop buying things until I had painted everything that I currently owned, but this hasn’t worked in the past so why would it work now?

I realised that part of the problem is that with the time taken to buy, build and paint any given project, I am already inspired by the next novel, TV show, etc, and I lose interest in continuing it. This leaves me with part-built or painted models all over the place  gathering dust.

Last October I decided to come up with a plan. One that, I’m happy add, has been working quite nicely ever since. I wrote a list of all the armies I had partly finished or just started and numbered them. I then made sure to build and prep the models I already owned, so that they were ready at hand to jump straight into painting. Finally I rolled a dice to see which army to start with and grabbed a couple of minis to paint. Each time I’m finished with those, I clean up the desk and roll again.

Minis primed and ready for painting

A very simple idea I’m sure you’ll agree, but the proof of the pudding, as they say, is in the eating…

Nurgle Death Guard
Catachan jungle fighters
Space marines
Tallarn desert raiders
WWII US airborne

Not a bad tally for seven months of painting even if I do say so myself!

In the grimdark future…


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Cyber-skulls hum lazily through clouds of steam, monotonous litanies droning from their vox-transmitters. Ornately wrought vials of aged glass bubble with a myriad of viscous fluids.

A hunched figured, draped with robes of faded crimson, festooned with mechanoid appendages, works diligently at a laboratorium bench. An arachnid squatting in the epicentre of its lair, Magos Ronrulf-Marlode Belalostere 64/8 of the holy adeptus of Mars performs several intricate operations on the Xenos specimen simultaneously.

One day in Normandy


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I have been busy over the last couple of months painting rather a lot of miniatures for a friend to make a little ‘pocket money’. It has been somewhat of a double edge sword, as although I haven’t had as much time to paint minis for myself, I have been able to paint figures I otherwise would never get to. It has also ‘levelled -up’ my speed painting game somewhat, so when I treat myself to painting my own projects I get more done than I would have before.

With that in mind I have finally pulled the trigger on a new project that I have been pondering on for a while now, WWII skirmish using ‘Flying Lead‘ by Genesha Games. My first unit is a squad of U.S airborne troopers…

These guys are from Artizan designs and have so much character that they were a real joy to paint. Hopefully there are a few Krauts winging their way to me very soon to provide some great target practice!..

Fun and Frolics in the Deadzone


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Hello fellow carbon based lifeforms and welcome to another Deadzone post! I have been playing some more solo missions in the Deadzone this week and trying out a new randomized activation for the ‘opposition’, using counters drawn from a cup. It has worked rather well at creating suspense, not knowing which enemy model will activate next creates lots of problem-solving for both sides.

I also have a shiny new copy of Command Protocols: Escalation and the new Incoming Intel deck winging its way to me. I am looking forward to seeing what the new deck, which has both bonus victory conditions and event cards, will add to the game.

Deadzone is a fantastic skirmish game full of dynamic action and what better way to showcase that fact than a comic strip based on an event from my current battle?

Deadzone ‘Survival of the fittest’ Mission 4


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I finally managed to play the last mission of my solo Deadzone campaign ‘Survival of the fittest’ recently. With the original strike team of 14 troops being whittled down to 3, brother sergeant Edwine, terminator-suited brother Bartholemu and master sniper Larkin make their way to the extraction coordinates.

I found a rather cool app for my phone and couldn’t help but have a go with it, hope you enjoy!..

Deadzone: Survival of the fittest Part 3


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Mission #3 – Slip the Noose

‘You have no choice now but to trust that your message got through. The inexorable press of the zombies is slowly closing in around your position. The only hope you now have is to punch a gap through them and escape to the extraction point. As the noose tightens, you give the order and the remnants of your team pick up everything they can carry and get ready to make a run for it. You won’t get a second chance at this…’

For this mission I had the full roster of surviving members of my campaign army which started out at 14 strong (300pts) but had been reduced to 10 members…

The right flank holds the largest contingent of my strike force. With only terminator-suited brother Bartholemu and heavy weapon specialist brother Luther holding the left flank, hoping to give covering fire and draw the majority of the poxwalkers away from the right flank…

The undead shamble aimlessly around the complex…

Gaunt and his remaining ghosts scout forward but are swarmed by zombies. Gaunt is torn apart in the initial wave and trooper Criid is brought down and eviscerated soon afterwards…

As brother Hienrich is attacked in vicious hand to hand with yet more shambling horrors, it is time to take drastic measures. Brother Luther aims his fusion gun into the melee…

The resultant explosion vapourizes the zombies and throws brother Hienrich away, bruised but unhurt…

Headway is made on the right flank, but the tide of undead is rising…

With many of the team falling beneath the teeth and claws of the undead masses, things are starting to get desperate. Brother Bartholemu finds a discarded frag grenade, and hoping to emulate the success of earlier, doesn’t think twice about hurling it into the fray…

With predictable results. It has proven to be a solid tactic for getting space marines out of trouble…

Brother-sergeant Edwine and brother Bartholemu cover their backs as they make their way to the extraction point…

As the mission ends, the cost becomes apparent. Of the original strike force only three remain, brother-sergeant Edwine, brother Bartholemu and master sniper Larkin.

The weary survivors will make their way the  to the rendezvous coordinates and hope to hell that the flier is inbound…

Deadzone: Survival of the fittest Part 2


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I had some time during the week to setup and play the second scenario of my solo campaign, and if I thought the first battle was nail-biting then I was certainly in for a shock second time around!

Mission #2 – Beacon of hope

‘You now know what you’re up against, and the scale of the threat is greater than you could have imagined. You have sent dispatches to command, but your meagre resources can’t guarantee the quality or strength of the signal. Remembering a nearby radio tower, you hatch a daring plan. If you can find a functioning data-terminal you can guarantee that your message reaches your allies. If only the area wasn’t already overrun with zombies’

I selected my 150pt strike force and faced the hordes!..

The strike team assemble…

There are 4 possible locations where the data-terminal could be marked out with red stars…

Gaunt and his ghosts scout ahead…

Major Corbec makes a heroic last stand as ‘poxwalkers’ crawl in through the window, he is eventually overcome under hordes of undead flesh…

Brother Gunther and brother Kessler (heavy weapon specialist) attempt to stem the tide with their withering fire…

Gaunt finds the data-terminal  first time, thank the Emperor, and  just needs to spend a turn encrypting a message to high command…

Trooper Tona Criid provides invaluable fire support throughout the mission. Here she makes two pinpoint headshots, saving apothecary brother Leo from overwhelming odds…

Criid provides yet more assistance for her space marine allies..

As the strike team makes its egress a ‘poxwalker’ shambles out of nowhere and makes to attack. Brother Bartholemu crushes its head with his powerfist.

The Aftermath

Battered and bloodied but victorious, the strike team make  their way to the agreed  extraction. As the picture shows, Major Corbec and brother Gunther didn’t make it and several members of the strike team were injured.

We did find some useful items including a smoke grenade, medi-pack and extra ammunition. The black cubes were used to keep track of who made kills during the mission, as this gains them experience points.

During the post-mission phase, surviving strike team members gain experience points and may go up in rank which grants them a boon. I decided to give everyone an increase in Fight stat with the exception of Criid, who I gave an increase in her Shoot stat and Gaunt who received Tactician(+1), which will give me an extra command dice to roll each turn.