Beware the Shaggoth!

At the border of the manling domain of Sylea, where the verdant land is pierced by the jagged peaks of the Dracos Tooth mountain range, the gateway to the Dead Lands. Many foul beasts make their lair within the mountains, but none are more abhorrent than the loathsome Shaggoth! This abberation is said to be partContinue reading “Beware the Shaggoth!”

Bird-brains & Devil-dogs

” With your heart beating in your ears and your breath ragged in your lungs, you flee for your life. The distant hills echo with the howls of beasts and you know that they have your scent. Doom comes on necrotic paws and you realise that you cannot out-run the relentless advance of death itself.Continue reading “Bird-brains & Devil-dogs”

Leader of the Pack

The Sun shone pleasantly down upon the sylvan glade, bathing all in its warm rays. Insects buzzed lazily through the trees and a deer grazed upon the lush grasses. All was well with the world…. but such peaceful bliss simply couldn’t last. A pall of dust lay heavily upon the horizon to the South, and inContinue reading “Leader of the Pack”

Come into the Garden…

“There lies an island in the midst of the Mediterranean sea, upon which, resides a gardener of much renown. She dwells alone, gliding effortlessly through the labyrinthine topiary borders and flower beds, tending to her beloved flora with the utmost dedication…  Dotted about, here and there, stand a plethora of stone statues. These masonic effigiesContinue reading “Come into the Garden…”


From the sylvan depths come insectile susurrations, many eyes wink in and out of existence, glowing with a malignant intelligence. A sudden skittering movement and emerald fronds rustle with the passage of some unseen creature.. Suddenly, with blinding speed, the undergrowth explodes into life as giant arachnids burst forth. Upon their backs, giving voice to high-pitchedContinue reading “Arachnophobia”

Dust & Bones

Two figures walk through the blazing midday sun, ignoring the oppresive heat as they move amid the desert dunes with tireless conviction. The first figure strides with purpose, planting her staff into the sand with each step she takes. The other sits, stoop-backed, on its wiry mount… After weeks of unceasing trek, ruined statues andContinue reading “Dust & Bones”

The Necrotic Tome p.7 – Ancients

I have acquired some new miniatures for my Grande Armée de la Mort, and having plenty of time on my hands I have managed to paint them up. These minis were made by Rackham Miniatures and are beautifully sculpted with lots of elaborate details. The Wraith floats through the shadows, brandishing a wicked blade with which to reap the wretchedContinue reading “The Necrotic Tome p.7 – Ancients”

Gathering the Clans

My fantasy campaign with Graham has been hotting up with our second battle taking place this week. The first scenario saw King Graham Ironfoot’s Dwarves holding the Hellmouth Pass against an outnumbering horde of undead minions, funneling them in to a bottle-neck and destroying them completely. In the second confrontation he sent out word to call allContinue reading “Gathering the Clans”

Necrotic Tome pt.6 – Calling the Muster

I have been beavering away at the hobby bench these past couple of weeks adding new troops to my Grande Armée de la Mort. The first addition is this War Sphinx with howdah which will count as a heavy chariot in God of Battles. As well as this monster I have been doing some convertingContinue reading “Necrotic Tome pt.6 – Calling the Muster”

The only good Dwarf is a Dead Dwarf!

  Over the last couple of weeks, my good friend Graham and I have been locking heads in the realms of fantasy with God of Battles by Jake Thornton. In our previous battle, my Undead horde destroyed Graham’s Dwarves in a glorious orgy of blood, so we decided this time to do a follow-on scenario. We used scenario two from theContinue reading “The only good Dwarf is a Dead Dwarf!”

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