Early Tinpot

Tale of a Tinpot


My name is Robert and I hail from Nottingham in the UK. As a very creative person I have had many varied hobbies over the years ranging from playing and listening to music, guitar-making, miniature war-gaming, model-making, drawing, graphic design and creative writing. I also enjoy exercising and swim regularly and if all that wasn’t enough I like to get out and about in the ‘real world’ every now and again for fun and memorable experiences with friends both old and new.

Tin Pot Logo 1

I hope you find something of interest within the pages of this blog and as always, comments and feedback are most welcome.

Kindest regards,

Robert (Bob) Parnham

7 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello!Job on the board for digital book designer.See you soon.

  2. Your undead are amongst the best on the web. Thus I nominated you for the Wargaming Blog Excellence Award. http://daggerandbrush.wordpress.com/2014/11/05/nominations-for-the-wargaming-blog-excellence-award-let-us-smite-evil-together/

  3. Hi Bob,

    This is plastic panzers- thought you might enjoy my nominations and writeup!




  4. Say, is the logo new or was I just blind all this time? Really like it!

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