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After a wet, grey and generally miserable week here in Nottingham the clouds have dispersed to revealed a large round shining disk in the skies. British meteorologists are baffled as to the nature of this strange phenomenon but as it has made the place look much more pleasant all round no one is complaining! The bleak week has been very productive however as I have been beavering away at my French & Indian War project.

After having conducted several battles with my French & Indian miniatures I had come to terms with the fact that their original bases (made from 1 pence pieces) were too small and left them falling over when stood on inclines. I have, therefore, decided to convert them to 2 penny pieces thus increasing the diameter to 25mm. It was by no means possible to remove them from the original bases without injury to either myself or the model so I simply glued the new bases straight on to the bottom of the old ones and sculpted Ronseal Wood-filler to cover the step that it created. After a lick of paint, they were ready for grass tufts, flowers and fallen leaves.

Changing seasons

The fallen leaves I have used are from Treemendus Models and at the time of purchase I chose to buy the plain green ones, however I have since decided to set my miniatures and terrain in Autumn/Fall. I sought to make the leaves fit in with this theme by staining them with washes and glazes; the finished result is very pleasing to the eye and gives them a certain verisimilitude.

They now have more variety of colours including reds, yellows and oranges, and they crinkle and curl rather realistically to boot! This method also makes applying them to the base mush easier too as once they have been dipped into the wash and put in place they dry and adhere to the bases.

F&I Bases


A token gesture

As well as model-making activities I have also been busy with a spot of game development in the form of a skirmish game with which to use my new minis. As anyone who has followed my progress will know, I have played several games of Muskets & Tomahawks with the old Guardsmen and much fun we had too. However, I am not completely enamoured with this rules set and wanted something on a small-scale where the individual, rather than a ‘squad’ of several, is the smallest movement element.

I have thus contrived to put together a set inspired mainly by the rules from a Star Wars miniatures game, now this might seem like an odd choice however the rules are very simple and allow models to act more independently. The first tentative play-testing has proved rather successful, and I had only to make some small adjustments to prove very playable indeed. One thing that will be needed to play this game is some way of recording activations and other states of being throughout the game, so I have spent some time conjuring-up some appropriate tokens.

F&I Tokens


I wanted to have the tokens as unobtrusive as possible yet still make it easy for players to see the state of play and so decided upon very small stones that I liberated from the garden and cleaned up to act as activation tokens. I also took some penny pieces which were then covered with wood-filler, painted and  adorned with flowers and fallen leaves to create command chits, which players can use to make extra activations via commander characters who have a corresponding flower on their bases. Red command characters have more chits and a longer command distance then those with white flowers.