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Real life can often get in the way of my hobbies, including this very blog and I have been pondering how best to commit myself to post more regularly in 2014. I will endeavour this year to write at least one post every month and in this I hope my friend ‘the Old Guard’ will be of much aid.

We have decided to have a gaming session once a month, so this is the perfect opportunity for me to write about our battles. I will also keep posting about what I’ve been getting up to whenever time and inspiration permit… Welcome one and all to the inaugural Tinpot Tea-party!

One cold day on the Frontier

The Old Guard and I got together on a wet and windswept afternoon for a spot of tiffin and an introductory game of Muskets & Tomahawks. I cobbled together a force of Canadian Militia and for himself he summoned a Mohican war party. We each rolled for objectives and so the story unfolds…


Canadian militia have been hastily formed to repel an Indian raiding party.


At the other end other of the village Mohican raiders are busy…

Pic 1

putting the building to the torch and readying to storm the door.


The Canadians spot the raiders and make ready to fire!

The Battle

My troops were given the ‘Engage’ objective to destroy 2/3 of the enemy force whilst the Old Guard’s Braves received the ‘Raid’ objective in which he had to burn down the buildings. Unfortunately for me the scatter-dice rolled for deployment put me some distance from two of the buildings, whilst the other was within spitting distance of the Indians!

My Canadians made steady progress toward two buildings on their right flank as the Mohicans put the wooden shack to the torch and managed to counter attack one group of Braves, giving them a volley before brandishing tomahawks in a fierce charge and destroying them to a man.

My folly was in failing to secure the buildings with my other two units who then watched the Indians run past them and burn the buildings down from under my nose!… Oh well, lessons were learned and I thoroughly enjoyed facing off against the Old Guardsman, he’s a spiffing old bean and always most pleasant company.


As both the Old Guard and myself are relative newcomers to this rule set, it being my first game and only his second, I balk at giving comment. It seems like a fairly straight forward game and I do like the unit coherency rule which allows you to spread troops out a little more than some skirmish games (up to their movement allowance).

I would have liked to have found out a little more about how officers work, I gather that they can influence friendly troops in their immediate vicinity but Militia Officers have the scout rule which I didn’t take the opportunity to find out about, remiss of me I know, hopefully I will get the chance to investigate a little more sometime soon.