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With  the festive holidays providing me with plenty of time for hobby projects, I have been busy painting more French & Indian War miniatures. Firstly we have this unit of British-Colonial rangers including the famous Major Robert Rogers (Pictured with the red cockade)…


Colonial Rangers

I have also been sporadically painting my Canadian militia models over the last couple of weeks. The first few miniatures (pictured in my previous post) fell foul of a ‘clouding’ lacquer coat and so were stripped down again, two of which have been repainted and are pictured below…


Canadian Militia

And last, but by no means least, I have done a test model for the native American Indians…


Forest Indian

My photography doesn’t show the miniatures to best effect, but that is something I plan to work on in 2014. With the rangers finished I only have five or six Canadian militia men and then a dozen or so Indians left to paint. I am certainly looking forward to doing the ‘war-paint’ on the native Americans!