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The Tinpot Revolution has been somewhat quiet over this gloriously hot summer as I was temporarily lured away by fool’s gold, however, I intend to set myself back on track and forge on with the original plan.

My hobby activities have not been entirely stagnant however and I have recently picked up where I left off with my 6-Day War rules. These rules, as with most hobby writing projects, have been changed and edited so many times that I had to rope in my long-standing war game opponent, Graham, to play a  test game to re-familiarise myself with them. They are still in the very basic stages  only covering tank combat but eventually I hope to include artillery, air support and ‘dug-in’ infantry/anti-tank guns.

After our game I have a better idea of where I am with them and intend to crack-on with this project in the near future, for now though, here are some pictures of the aftermath of our test game.

Bird’s eye view of the battlefield with Egyptian tank squadrons (bottom right and top left) charging towards the beleaguered Israeli tanks (centre left)

Egyptian T-55 Tanks race across the Sinai Desert.

Another squadron of Egyptian T-55s attempt to out-flank the Israelis

Outnumbered Israeli armour continues to fight on as two Centurion ‘Sho’t Kal’ tanks burn in the foreground.