2 year Anniversary

That’s right folks the Tinpot Revolution is celebrating its second year, which coincides nicely with my reaching 1,000 views! Now a thousand views might not mean much to most bloggers out there (I can hear some of you at the back, tittering at a mere grand!), but it is somewhat of an achievement for myself and is cause to celebrate indeed!

Of course all this would have been for nought without you guys out there in t’internetland and so to all those who have visited my blog, whether you just popped round by accident, checked in just the once or have been back to my humble corner of the net several times and maybe even dropped me a comment or two, thank you!

Now for the future! I see lots of projects on the horizon and updates of the current ones (I may even finish some of them one day!?!) I would also like to do some more game reviews too! Rest assured that the Revolution will continue ever onwards!!!