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That most venerable game from the 1980/90’s ‘Space Crusade’, which was a joint project by MB Games and Games Workshop, is one of which I am most fond and a fair chunk of my gaming time has been dedicated to it over the past year or so.


I am a relative new-comer to actually playing this game as I had never done so until a few years ago, but I do recall the TV advert which was a staple interlude during my ‘Cartoon Time’ on Saturday mornings as a boy.

The simplicity of this game belies the tactical skill needed to succeed in this enclosed urban environment, full of ‘choke points’ and ‘fire lanes’. The rules provide solid & simple mechanics which allow players to get on with planning their next moves and pushing the action forward.

The simple format for Troop Stats of Movement, Armour and Dice Attacks, allow for extra troop types to be added using the stats of troops with similar attributes or stature, such as Imperial Guard troopers (Gretchin) and IG Sergeants (Orks) or mix & match them to create special characters, etc.

As I have possession of two sets of this game and also various extra boards from the expansion games, my board layouts are generally bigger than the standard four board setup and I have had endless fun creating new scenarios and ‘testing them out’ with friends.

SC Mission Log Alpha

‘Iron Eagle’ Marines

‘Scharffen’ Gruppe

Sgt. Scharffen

3x Bolter Truppen

2x Heavy Weapon Truppen

‘Pieper’ Gruppe

Sgt. Pieper

3x Bolter Truppen

2x Heavy Weapon Truppen

The Outcome

Graham came round to have a go at this scenario recently and commanded the intrepid Iron Eagles in their mission to destroy the Armoury on board the Arch-Enemy Flag Ship, the Spawn of Sorrows. After clearing a path, room by room, toward the northern-most corridor, leading to the Armoury, Graham’s  mission team forced an entrance to the objective room and set the Detonator in the form of a 6-sided dice which was placed in the room with the ‘6’ face-up. At the end of each of Graham’s turns the dice was flipped over to count down to the explosion.

This gave an interesting angle to the game as Graham had to get out of the armoury sector before the whole place blew! On returning to the main sector Graham tried to block the corridor and consign my Chaos hordes to a fiery death, unfortunately for him though, I managed to kill all the survivors in a single turn just before the dice was flipped to zero and the time ran out! The game was tense for both players right up till the end and there were lots of twists and turns throughout.

So until the next encounter…

The Dark Gods are Victorious!!