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The struggle for Ardera IV raged on through what was known as the cold year, which is caused by the rather strange, elliptical path by which the planet orbits the main sun-star Artemis.

An entire single orbit of the Artemis sun-star takes 2 terran-standard years, one of which takes Ardera IV three million miles away, dropping the planet’s atmosphere to freezing temperatures.

However, the sub-zero temperature did nothing to quell the bellicose nature of the orks and fighting continued at a relentless pace.

Campaign move

I decided to create another level of attack to allow me to use more titans and superheavy vehicles. By using 625 tons of supplies an army can conduct an All-out assault, using 2500 points to build their army. In the first battle I allowed 2000 points for the defenders, but I may have to think about that.

The Orks conduct an all-out assault from their bridgehead at the Malcador river.

Scenario – Battle at Highway 45521 South-East

The Imperial defenders and their defence-works were deployed first. Dug-in, along the fortified highway, they covered a dense network of minefields and razor wire, creating deadly kill boxes.

The ork horde deploys to assault the Imperial positions..

On The ork left flank Warboss Eisengore orders forward his heavy armour..

On the right flank greenskin infantry, along with Wierd-Boy towers, face-off against the warhound titan, Pack-Hunter ‘Leo’…

In the centre the ork gargant, ‘Owd Yella’, takes heavy fire from Pack-Hunter ‘Kessler’ and Shadowsword ‘Damocles’.

An ungodly armour battle ensues over the open steppe and ‘Owd Yella’ is laid defenceless with power shields down and all weapon systems destroyed, burning but still unbowed.

Campaign Move

With the Ork’s all-out assault failing with much slaughter, including the near destruction of the scrap titan Owd Yella, the Imperium hit back with a major attack at a vital crossroads.

Battle at the crossroads

The Iron Eagles space marines assaulted the ork positions from the south-east. Ork defences were light, with the dug-in infantry stretched over a wide front. The adeptus astartes conducted a precision strike on the right flank of the ork forces.

Iron Eagles muster ready to attack…

Tactical, assault and devastator marines press forward with heavy support from terminators of 1st Company…

Devastator squad captures the bunker and holds it against greenskin infantry and heavy armour…

On the space marine’s right flank, the assault smashes through the thin green line as heavy artillery attempts to destroy a satellite array…

As hell rages on all around, a command squad of Iron Eagles battle with the ork warboss…

The ork defences were no match for the ferocity of the space marine onslaught and the line was rolled up with contemptuous ease. When the ork warboss was slain by the Iron Eagle commanders, the greenskin’s will to fight was sundered and the marines ran down the scattered survivors.

With an astounding victory at the crossroads, the forces of the Imperium managed to push the orks back to the natural choke-point between two major rivers. A brilliant strategic victory.