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Having some time on my hands on friday evening, I decided to set up and play a solo variation of Space Crusade, using a few rules I had devised to supplement the core rules.

After securing a bridge-head (mission #1) upon the Ork hulk, the Iron Eagles sent a task force, lead by venerable Sgt. Vandorion. Their mission was to secure a foothold in the barracks sector and gauge the strength of the inevitable counter attack on the bridge-head from that quarter.

I used the board from the Execution Force boxed game and Space Hulk bulkhead doors.


After the initial space marine deployment, every time a door is opened, D3+1 aliens are generated and deployed in the room or corridor. Aliens are generated by rolling two differently coloured D6 and consulting a chart.

The bell-curve of results you can get from a 2×D6 roll allows for a realistic mix of aliens. For example, a roll that adds up to 7 (which has the most results possible) generates a gretchin, where as a result of 2 (which has the fewest) generates an ork warboss.

This same 2×D6 roll is used for the alien reserve points at the end of each turn too.

Alien command and equipment deck

If at any point an alien generation roll comes up with a double, I took the top card from an ork command and equipment deck.

This deck consisted of the ork equivalents of the command and equipment cards used by the space marines, which were produced in White Dwarf many, many years ago. During the game two doubles were rolled, resulting in two command and equipment cards being drawn:

Battle Frenzy! Which made all the orks better in close combat (rolling an extra 2 red heavy weapons dice in combat)

Bionic Bits which allowed one particular ork warboss to re-roll a single dice in close combat.

This produced an entertaining challenge and created some seriously tough orks who were well at home getting up close and personal!

A series of Unfortunate Events

After an initially good start the fortunes of the Iron Eagles went downhill fast! Overwhelming numbers of green skins flooded in from all sides, roaring and slavering for battle.

The marines deploy and stand ready for the green skin hordes…

Killa-can dreadnoughts provide mobile bunkers for the ork defence…

Brother Kiesel’s heavy bolter spits death until a round jams in the chamber! Clear it, clear it!?.

Too late, a massive green skin brute strikes him a mortal blow..

As the task force is split-up, surrounded and cut down. Suddenly the bulkheads slam shut, cutting the survivors off from each other.