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The Space Crusade campaign that I have been planning for sometime was kicked off recently, when I got together with Graham to play the first mission in the ‘cleansing of Spatium Turci’.

Graham took command of the intrepid space marines task force whilst I got in touch with my inner greenskin as Warboss Tinpot to repel the ‘uman invaders!

Mission overview

Your mission is to fight your way in to the ork hulk and secure a beach-head for following forces. You must also take and hold as many egress points to the rest of the hulk as possible.

Objective – The boarding torpedo will strike in the area marked ‘Ingress point’. Once deployed, the space marine forces must engage and cleanse all xenos troops. Any quarters that are clear of enemy ‘filth’ will provide access to other areas of the hulk.

Ork reserves – a random number of reserves (D6) will arrive at any one of the routes from other areas of the hulk (D3) at the end of the aliens turn. Ork, grot and dreadnought reserves only.

Space marine forces 

Brother sergeant Rulf Steiner

6x tactical marines

3x terminators

 The Battle

The boarding torpedo burrowed its way through fifty metres of rock before punching through into the carcass of an ancient imperial vessel. The breacher squad moved out with fluid professionalism, spread out into formation with weapons covering every angle. They were immediately plunged into a deadly fire-fight as the greenskins reacted with bloodthirsty intent.

Securing the bridge-head against the green tide

The marines were beset on all sides as orks and grots attempted to repel their incursion. First company veteran, Heinrich ‘Metallica’ Eckhart, showed particular heroism whilst holding a key corridor junction with his autocannon reaping a terrible toll amongst the encroaching green hordes. Eckhart was finally brought down by a monstrous ork warboss.

Brother Eckhart’s valiant last stand

Even though the breacher squad was reduced to sgt. Steiner, brother Deitz, armed with the  missile launcher, and terminator brother Schnurrbart, they successfully held the beach-head and secured access routes to both the gunnery deck and the barracks.

Sergeant Steiner stands before the door to the barracks