Decemb-uary painting update #2


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I have been slowly plugging away at my Iron Eagles dreadnought and have finally started to hit my stride. I look forward to sitting down at the painting desk in the evenings and cracking out the paints. The metallics have been laid down and highlighted, and I am now working on the purity seals.


Decemb-uary painting update #1


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I’m a few days into my Decemb-uary painting challenge and I have been pushing myself to get on with painting my space marine Dreadnought.

It’s funny how a couple of weeks away from the painting desk and I seem tentative to put brush to miniature, so I have been taking my time with it, slow and steady wins the race.

I started by dry-brushing the whole miniature with a light grey, followed by white. That has been all the progress on the torso to date.

For the next step I went on to the weapon arms. The shoulder pads were given a basecoat of panzer grey and then dry-brushed with light grey, then white. I then basecoated the weapon casing and power fist in Castellan green, which was followed by the camo scheme, painted on in pale sand and reddish-brown.

That’s all for now, hopefully there will be more progress reports soon.

Battle over the Malcador river


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Following on from my last post, here is a quick update on my memoir 40k narrative campaign. As an ork force tied up the space marines reserves at the Ormffidian river forks, they struck out to secure the bridges over the Malcador river.


Ork and space marines face off across the Malcador river.

In this scenario, I decided to play using the more traditional victory conditions from the C&C games, in this case the winner would be the first side to reach 6 victory points.

Permanent victory points are gained by destroying enemy units and temporary victory points are gained by having a unit in a bridge hex.

A near run thing

I took command of the ork army this time round and used a solo playing aid (as mentioned in the last post) to generate the space marine orders.

It was a very close battle, with the bridges becoming focal points for the fiercest fighting and changing hands several times. Finally the might of the Adeptus Astartes won through, securing two bridges and destroying five ork units (including the warboss)


On the right flank tactical marines secure the bridge as terminators and heavy support, provided by Vindicators and Land Raiders, take up position to cover them.


In the centre of the line, Predator tanks sweep the bridge clear and repel all counter attacks. The third bridge is well within the green skin’s grasp.

Packing away Christmas & Going on Campaign


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Over the Christmas holiday I have been playing plenty of games of Memoir 40k, attempting to tighten-up the rules and stat-lines.

I now have a very workable set of 60 command cards which is composed mainly of Memoir ’44 cards, along with leader cards from C&C Ancients and “hit & run” cards from Battlecry. This creates the right combination of modern combat elements with a sprinkling of heroic sci-fi.

Battle for the Ormiffiad River Forks


Closing stages of the Battle of the Ormiffiad River Forks

Following the success of the space marines during the Battle for Macharius Bridge, the orks attempted a probing attack at the Ormiffiad River Forks. A small Iron Eagles task force rushed to plug the gap with orders to hold till the last man and last bullet.

The battle ended in a stalemate, the space marine force took heavy casualties but managed to hold the line. Meanwhile the orks were merely conducting a diversionary attack whilst, in the north, their main body struck out for the bridges over the Malcador river….


Ork and space marines face off across the Malcador river.

Bridging the Gap

As well as all this excitement, I have been packing away the Christmas decorations and I took the time while I was in the attic to sort through the general detritus that had been left by the previous owners. While I was up there I found this…


I have no interest in playing this game but it will solve one particular problem I have been experiencing with my campaign until now, that of a distinct lack of bridges.


Problem solved…

Painting Decemb-uary 2017-18


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As I have most definitely been in gaming mode during most of December, I needed something to get my head back into a little bit of painting. Fortunately Azazel has come to the rescue with his Decemb-uary Painting Challenge.

This Decemb-uary I shall be mostly painting an Iron Eagles dreadnought…

This particular model is actually from the Revell – Warhammer Build + Paint range. I have added a few extras to the basic model such as more scrolls and plenty of battle damage. It will very likely be the only large centerpiece model that I will paint for my marine force, so it will be fun to get him painted and based to join the display shelf.

It has been undercoated in the same way as the rest of my Iron Eagle marines, a coat all over with a medium grey and ‘spritzed’ from above with a lighter grey to create a highlight and finally an all-over coat of thinned black wash.

I hope to paint this model along with a couple of regular marines, as they are using the same colour palette.

So with my declaration witnessed by the internet I had better get dipping my paintbrushes! More updates to come!..

Memoir ’40k


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Tac Epic

I have been settling in to my new gaming room rather nicely over the past couple of weeks and it’s given me the opportunity to spend some time playing more games, including a fair amount of solo play and games designing.

I have been adapting the basic rules ideas from Richard Borg’s excellent Commands & Colors series (specifically Memoir ’44), combined with the dice mechanics from Space Crusade to create a Warhammer 40,000 version, allowing me to get more use out of my Epic 40k minis.

Battle for Macharius Bridge

The eastern agri-plantations, a million square hectares of rural plains dotted with farmsteads and small imperial settlements who managed the production of triffidicus plant oil, became a major muster point for the ork invaders.

An armour detachment of Iron Eagles space marines conducted a lighting counter-attack at the vital crossing point of the Macharius bridge, hoping to bottle up the alien masses.

The scenario

This scenario was generated randomly using the Fog of War and terrain-generation rules from the Epic 40,000 Battles book.

The result was the Macharius bridge battlefield, pitching a full ork cult of speed army attempting cross the Grendoilor river whilst a slightly depleted space marine armour detachment with titan support, sought to hold the western bank.

Birds-eye view of the battlefield and initial deployments. On the left and right flanks, there are Take & Hold objectives and on the bridge a Cleanse objective (these are the space marine objectives). The orks must reduce the space marines to 50% of their starting strength.

The Battle

Using the Commands & Colours system, I set a command card limit for each army. The orks had a hand of 5 cards and the space marines received a hand of 6 cards. Each army took a turn to play a command card and then act upon the orders given.

I took command of the space marines and used a solo playing aid, created by someone on board game geek website, for the ork orders. Three cards were chosen for the orks in ascending order of first, second and third best options and then a dice roll decided which command card was enacted.

I took some photos during the battle to illustrate the basic movement and combat mechanics.

The first ork command card was a probe in the centre, allowing two units in the centre section to activate. They made a full move forward to secure the bridge.

In response, the space marines gave an assault right order, allowing all the units on the right flank to deploy on one of their take and hold objectives.

Later on, the space marines issued orders for three units on the right flank. They moved forward and prepared to open fire on the ork nobs holding the administratum building overlooking the Macharius bridge.

Warhound titan ‘Kessler’ of the legio Hydra Cordatiss opened fire, rolling 6 heavy weapons dice. The total score was 6. The basic armour of the ork nobs was 2 + the building bonus of 2, giving a total of 4. The result was 2 wounds, wiping-out the ork unit (as they had already taken some casualties from the land speeder and terminator fire)


The battle progressed with major success for the space marines who deployed on their Take & Hold objectives on either flank, whilst warhound titan ‘Kessler’ sprinted across the bridge and cleared their Cleanse objective of green skins

For their part, the orks struggled to deploy their greater numbers to make an attack on the bridge. The tributary river and reservoir effectively split the ork deployment and created a choke point, which caused them issues with manoeuvring for the whole battle.

All in all it was a very interesting and fun game, there were several tweaks to unit stats throughout (including reducing the strength for a warhound titan, as ‘Kessler‘ went on to run amok amongst the ork deployment zone)

I am thinking of using the ‘cross-fire’ rules from The Great War version created by the Plastic Soldier Company, which allows units to combine their shooting dice. This will hopefully allow weaker units to ‘gang-up’ on stronger ones.

Space Crusade – Solo Recon


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Having some time on my hands on friday evening, I decided to set up and play a solo variation of Space Crusade, using a few rules I had devised to supplement the core rules.

After securing a bridge-head (mission #1) upon the Ork hulk, the Iron Eagles sent a task force, lead by venerable Sgt. Vandorion. Their mission was to secure a foothold in the barracks sector and gauge the strength of the inevitable counter attack on the bridge-head from that quarter.

I used the board from the Execution Force boxed game and Space Hulk bulkhead doors.


After the initial space marine deployment, every time a door is opened, D3+1 aliens are generated and deployed in the room or corridor. Aliens are generated by rolling two differently coloured D6 and consulting a chart.

The bell-curve of results you can get from a 2×D6 roll allows for a realistic mix of aliens. For example, a roll that adds up to 7 (which has the most results possible) generates a gretchin, where as a result of 2 (which has the fewest) generates an ork warboss.

This same 2×D6 roll is used for the alien reserve points at the end of each turn too.

Alien command and equipment deck

If at any point an alien generation roll comes up with a double, I took the top card from an ork command and equipment deck.

This deck consisted of the ork equivalents of the command and equipment cards used by the space marines, which were produced in White Dwarf many, many years ago. During the game two doubles were rolled, resulting in two command and equipment cards being drawn:

Battle Frenzy! Which made all the orks better in close combat (rolling an extra 2 red heavy weapons dice in combat)

Bionic Bits which allowed one particular ork warboss to re-roll a single dice in close combat.

This produced an entertaining challenge and created some seriously tough orks who were well at home getting up close and personal!

A series of Unfortunate Events

After an initially good start the fortunes of the Iron Eagles went downhill fast! Overwhelming numbers of green skins flooded in from all sides, roaring and slavering for battle.

The marines deploy and stand ready for the green skin hordes…

Killa-can dreadnoughts provide mobile bunkers for the ork defence…

Brother Kiesel’s heavy bolter spits death until a round jams in the chamber! Clear it, clear it!?.

Too late, a massive green skin brute strikes him a mortal blow..

As the task force is split-up, surrounded and cut down. Suddenly the bulkheads slam shut, cutting the survivors off from each other.


Mission 1 – Bridge-head


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The Space Crusade campaign that I have been planning for sometime was kicked off recently, when I got together with Graham to play the first mission in the ‘cleansing of Spatium Turci’.

Graham took command of the intrepid space marines task force whilst I got in touch with my inner greenskin as Warboss Tinpot to repel the ‘uman invaders!

Mission overview

Your mission is to fight your way in to the ork hulk and secure a beach-head for following forces. You must also take and hold as many egress points to the rest of the hulk as possible.

Objective – The boarding torpedo will strike in the area marked ‘Ingress point’. Once deployed, the space marine forces must engage and cleanse all xenos troops. Any quarters that are clear of enemy ‘filth’ will provide access to other areas of the hulk.

Ork reserves – a random number of reserves (D6) will arrive at any one of the routes from other areas of the hulk (D3) at the end of the aliens turn. Ork, grot and dreadnought reserves only.

Space marine forces 

Brother sergeant Rulf Steiner

6x tactical marines

3x terminators

 The Battle

The boarding torpedo burrowed its way through fifty metres of rock before punching through into the carcass of an ancient imperial vessel. The breacher squad moved out with fluid professionalism, spread out into formation with weapons covering every angle. They were immediately plunged into a deadly fire-fight as the greenskins reacted with bloodthirsty intent.

Securing the bridge-head against the green tide

The marines were beset on all sides as orks and grots attempted to repel their incursion. First company veteran, Heinrich ‘Metallica’ Eckhart, showed particular heroism whilst holding a key corridor junction with his autocannon reaping a terrible toll amongst the encroaching green hordes. Eckhart was finally brought down by a monstrous ork warboss.

Brother Eckhart’s valiant last stand

Even though the breacher squad was reduced to sgt. Steiner, brother Deitz, armed with the  missile launcher, and terminator brother Schnurrbart, they successfully held the beach-head and secured access routes to both the gunnery deck and the barracks.

Sergeant Steiner stands before the door to the barracks

Welcome to the (new) Man-cave


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My stint in limbo is finally over as me and my fiance have finally moved into our new house! After several exhausting days of getting unpacked and squaring stuff away, I managed to find the time to set up my little piece of hobby paradise.

The painting desk installed and already in use..

Storage solutions are still in the embryonic stage but entertainment is covered with this fantastic hi-fi unit, which was an unexpected present from my fiance Sophie..

A trip to Ikea proved very productive as I picked up this display case.

Obviously I am not quite there yet, my display cabinet is still in storage at my parents and I have yet to sort out a gaming table, but time there will be time enough for that. Until then I can a least get back to exercising the old hobby muscles again.

Going Solo – Space Crusade Campaign


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Whilst me and my fiance are in limbo with the purchase of our new house, I have been living at her’s with my painting paraphernalia lying in storage. I have not been entirely idle though, as I have been assembling my recently purchased space marines for Space Crusade.

WIP – A small selection of marines, double-sided taped to blocks ready for spraying.

I’ve also been putting a lot of thought in to a solo campaign which I would like to undertake, once I’m finally reunited with my wargaming stuff. I have been keenly following Grid based wargaming blog, and have been thoroughly inspired to look at doing more solo gaming in the future.

Campaign Narrative

When the Empyrean spat forth a huge asteroid, which proceeded to change direction and make straight for the agri-world of Ardera IV, Imperial navy pickets stood up and took notice. Not generally known for their ability to change direction at a whim, this particular cosmic body was acting decidedly ‘fishy’.

upon closer inspection, the enormous engines and ramshackle weaponry which adorned the surface of the asteroid could mean only one thing… Orks!!

Was this just a lone vessel, dropped into real space by the random vagaries of the warp, or the vanguard of a large fleet bent on destruction? The question was largely moot, the obdurate belief of the Imperial creed was very particular in such cases, this was an aberration which deserved nothing more than being wiped from the face of the galaxy!!

The local space defense fleet mobilised immediately and, led by Admiral Gruber van Schlessenspiel III, made to intercept the ork asteroid. Van Schlessenspiel was a washed-up void mariner who’s enormous pomposity was coupled with a distinct lack of talent for space conflict. Believing that this “ramshackle space turd” would give his fleet no trouble at all, van Schlessenspiel immediately engaged the ork vessel. His underestimation of the green skins proved to be his folly and in the following battle he lost half his fleet and his flagship, Vexatious Exemplar, was left powerless and adrift.

All seemed lost until the timely and completely unexpected arrival of a battle-barge of the Legiones Astartes. The grey-clad spacecraft, of a chapter unknown to the local Imperial authorities, coasted with stately grace on an intercept course…

Campaign – The cleansing of  ‘Spatium Turci’

The Iron Eagles battle barge the ‘Unendingly Overwrought’ arrived in the Ardera sub-sector to find an enormous ork asteroid hurtling through the void, leaving a broken Imperial navy fleet in its wake.

Commander Fellix Stienner held his ops group on the bridge to outline his plan. The vanguard elements would be launched in boarding torpedoes to secure a beach-head in the less well-protected upper surface of the ork hulk. Once established, it would provide a ‘jumping-off point’ for further operations to cleanse the asteroid of the green skin filth.

Mission 1 – The Beach-head

Objective – The boarding torpedo will strike in the area marked ‘Ingress point’. Once deployed, the space marine forces must engage and cleanse all xenos troops. Any quarters that are clear of enemy ‘filth’ will provide access to other areas of the hulk.

Xenos reserves – a random number of reserves (D6) will arrive at any one of the routes from other areas of the hulk (D3) at the end of the aliens turn. Ork and grot reserves only.

I have yet to decide the strength of the space marines and also still have some work to do on the mechanics for solo play, including making my own event deck, rules of engagement for the green skin forces, etc..

Until then I shall keep my fingers crossed for a quick resolution to our housing situation and continue planning my miniature machinations.