Where Stenguns Dare: Operation Harlot

Having finished all the painting of all of my WWII collection to date I was inspired to get them out on the table for some rip roaring action. It was time for Lord Lovat’s No.4 commando to go on operations…

“Ah.. good evening Shimmy, take a seat, now we’ve  got a job for you old boy. Through ‘most secret sources’ the top-brass have discovered that the bosche are stockpiling fuel and supplies on the Channel Islands. They believe that these are part of the plans for an invasion of Britain. Your mission is to conduct a raid on St Peters port to destroy supplies and infrastructure there. Secondary to this aim is to gather intelligence pertaining to the enemy’s plan for invasion.”

“Here is an aerial photography of the port…”

“Supplies are being kept in warehouses and being transported to stashes across the island. We have also received, through the Pigeon Policy Committee, some pictures taken by an anonymous Channel Islander..”

“The building in the distance of the middle photo is being used as a barracks by the garrison troops and the administration building to the north has been seconded by the Germans as an HQ building. That would be the best place to gain intelligence, though failing that, capturing some sentries would suffice.

The Mission

The force of commandos set off for the Channel Islands at 10pm but due to navigational mishaps the LCA didn’t reach Guernsey till 2am. They infiltrated the port and split into two demolition parties, one made their way to the barrack building to lay demolitions and flank the German HQ. The other team, led by Lord Lovat himself, made their way to the warehouse.

The flanking force successfully laid charges outside the barracks but as they made their way to the vehicle park, a keen eyed sentry on the door at the HQ spotted private Jenkins as he set up his bren gun for enfilading fire.

As the alarm was raised at the HQ and rifle and LMG fire began to erupt from there, Lovat’s section had just finished planting charges on the locomotive and warehouse when the sound of running boots on the cobbles alerted them to the approach of a patrolling German sentry. Private ‘Lofty’ Short appeared around the corner of the warehouse and smashed the butt of his Lee Enfield into the sentry’s face, pole-axing him. Lovat ordered corporal Wilson to lay down fire on the spandau in the roof of the HQ. Wilson was injured during the ensuing exchange of fire.

Meanwhile, the flanking section conducted vicious close quarters fighting around the barrack block with grenades and small arms fire being exchanged. Ultimately the commandos were able to keep the garrison troops pinned In the building.

As the early hours of the morning wore on and with the sky beginning to lighten, the commandos started to disengage. ‘Lofty’ Short picked up the downed sentry to take back as a prisoner for interrogation.

As the commandos reached their LCA and readied themselves for departure the night was ripped apart as the demolition charges exploded with blinding flashes on the horizon. All told a successful night’s work!

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