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I have been busy over the last couple of months painting rather a lot of miniatures for a friend to make a little ‘pocket money’. It has been somewhat of a double edge sword, as although I haven’t had as much time to paint minis for myself, I have been able to paint figures I otherwise would never get to. It has also ‘levelled -up’ my speed painting game somewhat, so when I treat myself to painting my own projects I get more done than I would have before.

With that in mind I have finally pulled the trigger on a new project that I have been pondering on for a while now, WWII skirmish using ‘Flying Lead‘ by Genesha Games. My first unit is a squad of U.S airborne troopers…

These guys are from Artizan designs and have so much character that they were a real joy to paint. Hopefully there are a few Krauts winging their way to me very soon to provide some great target practice!..