Deadzone: Survival of the fittest Part 2

I had some time during the week to setup and play the second scenario of my solo campaign, and if I thought the first battle was nail-biting then I was certainly in for a shock second time around!

Mission #2 – Beacon of hope

‘You now know what you’re up against, and the scale of the threat is greater than you could have imagined. You have sent dispatches to command, but your meagre resources can’t guarantee the quality or strength of the signal. Remembering a nearby radio tower, you hatch a daring plan. If you can find a functioning data-terminal you can guarantee that your message reaches your allies. If only the area wasn’t already overrun with zombies’

I selected my 150pt strike force and faced the hordes!..

The strike team assemble…
There are 4 possible locations where the data-terminal could be marked out with red stars…
Gaunt and his ghosts scout ahead…
Major Corbec makes a heroic last stand as ‘poxwalkers’ crawl in through the window, he is eventually overcome under hordes of undead flesh…
Brother Gunther and brother Kessler (heavy weapon specialist) attempt to stem the tide with their withering fire…
Gaunt finds the data-terminal  first time, thank the Emperor, and  just needs to spend a turn encrypting a message to high command…
Trooper Tona Criid provides invaluable fire support throughout the mission. Here she makes two pinpoint headshots, saving apothecary brother Leo from overwhelming odds…
Criid provides yet more assistance for her space marine allies..
As the strike team makes its egress a ‘poxwalker’ shambles out of nowhere and makes to attack. Brother Bartholemu crushes its head with his powerfist.

The Aftermath

Battered and bloodied but victorious, the strike team make  their way to the agreed  extraction. As the picture shows, Major Corbec and brother Gunther didn’t make it and several members of the strike team were injured.

We did find some useful items including a smoke grenade, medi-pack and extra ammunition. The black cubes were used to keep track of who made kills during the mission, as this gains them experience points.

During the post-mission phase, surviving strike team members gain experience points and may go up in rank which grants them a boon. I decided to give everyone an increase in Fight stat with the exception of Criid, who I gave an increase in her Shoot stat and Gaunt who received Tactician(+1), which will give me an extra command dice to roll each turn.

2 thoughts on “Deadzone: Survival of the fittest Part 2

    1. It has been unreasonably tense! I really thought I was going to be overwhelmed in short order, but with heroic sacrifices, some pinpoint accurate shooting and pure luck that Gaunt stumbled across the objective first time, I managed to get through. I swear I’ve got some new grey hairs!?

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