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I have recently been playing a lot of Deadzone by Mantic Games. I bought the first version of the boxed set last year and decided at the time to stick with the original ruleset, however, after reading the version 2 ruleset I have decided to upgrade to the new and improved version.

To help me to learn the new rules before I can get another gaming session in, I have played a couple of solo games. It not only took me very little time to get to grips with this more elegant system, I had some very interesting battles!

Whilst patrolling the deadzone, plague forces are ambushed by a marauder kill-squad on mission to assassinate the leader, a Stage 1 known to be operating in the vicinity. The heavily armoured ‘Rainmaker’ lines up his holo-sight…

During the last game, I rolled to find out which scenario to play and came up with ‘Patrol’ mission. Now one of the things I liked about the original version was the secret missions and they are still in version 2. After selecting a scenario you can also choose to roll on the relevant ‘Secret Mission’ table.

The Plague rolled the ‘Staking a Claim’ mission which meant they scored double victory points for objectives but only half for killing enemies. The Marauders rolled the ‘Assassination’ mission, giving them double victory points for killing the enemy leader but no points for holding objectives.

A stage 3 ‘ghoul’ throws a stun grenade before charging in to engage the marauder hulk in hand to hand.

Although they successfully eliminated the Stage 1 leader, the Marauders were unable to stop the Plague forces from dominating the battlefield objectives and the foul forces won 14 to 11 VPs. It was a very interesting game and more importantly, I have got the rules pretty much down to pat ready for my next opponent.


The keen-eyed among you may have spotted the lack of Mantic orx on the board. Due to a lack of funds I want to utilize the models collection that I already own as much as possible and so have decided to replace the Enforcers with my Iron Eagle space marines and the Marauders with my Blood-axe kommandos. I also intend to repurpose some more minis and do some kit-bashing to boot!