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Following on from my previous post I have been painting some more miniatures for A Song of Drums & Shakos. To begin with, we have the ‘Master & Commander’ …

This miniature is Captain ‘lucky’  John from Warlord Games, which I believe is the exclusive miniature that comes with the Black Powder rules. It is ,in my opinion, the best mini that Warlord has ever produced. I do not know who sculpted him, but the likeness to Russell Crow as Captain Jack Aubrey, from the fantastic movie Master and Commander, is uncanny and he was a pleasure to paint.

Finally we have some ‘jolly jack tars’..

These good fellows are from Perry miniatures and very characterful and dynamic models they are too!

I still have a few more naval officers, midshipmen, petty officers and ratings left to paint, but I have been developing a ‘quick-paint’ method for doing these more efficiently.