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Since my last post, things have been progressing rapidly with my Ardera IV campaign. After their unsuccessful assault on the maglev line, the greenskins struck the northern districts of the Hedraeos agri-refinement complex.

Riding upon his newly built gargant ‘Old Yella, Warboss Snaggle-tooth lead his Deathskull mob against the Imperial defenders.

3rd company of the Iron Eagles space marines, with heavy support from the shadowsword superheavy tank Impious Wrath, dug-in on the fringes of the manufactorum and administratum buildings…

Following their warboss, upon his favourite scrap-titan, the Deathskull clan races towards the Imperial defence line.


Impious Wrath lines up the shot.

Impious Wrath all but destroyed the ork gargant, but the green horde managed to swamp the marines, capturing their objectives and ripping out the heart of the Imperuim’s defences.

This battle gave me an opportunity to try out some ideas of how I’d like titans to work, including limited maneuverability, multiple weapon systems and void shields. I think that I have been able to refine the way they will be handled in Memoir 40k quite nicely.

The next assault was initiated by the orks yet again, this time in an attempt to cut off the salient in the centre of the line.

I got too caught up with playing the next battle (yet another assault on the maglev-line). The imperial guard conducted a dogged defence and although they took heavy casualties, managed to clinch a hard-fought victory, repelling the ork assault and securing the flank of the ‘Maglev Cauldron’.