Ardera IV Campaign #1

Inspired by the WWII campaign on Grid-based Wargaming blog, I have started a Memoir 40k campaign of my own. In the blog post, which can be seen here, a front line is created on a gridded map and the amount of sections I by the enemy decides the amount of supplies each army has.

Campaign map – the pins mark out the front line, with the hexes containing pins being no-mans land. The north-west section of the map is occupied by the ork invaders and the south is held by the imperial defenders.

Campaign game

I first worked out how many tons of supplies each army starts the campaign with. Each side will expend supplies by making attacks somewhere along the frontline. Each campaign turn I pull a poker chit from a cup, blue for imperials and green for orks.

If a green chit is pulled the orks must make an attack, if it is blue, the imperials can choose to attack or postpone the attack by putting the chit back and pulling a new one. If a blue chit is pulled a second time, high command insists upon offensive action and they must conduct an attack. The attacking force chooses which hex to attack and whether to make a major or minor attack.

Ork starting supplies = 15,000 tons

Imperial starting supplies = 3,400 tons

Major attack = 500 tons

Minor attack = 250 tons

The tons of supplies used is multiplied by 4, giving the number of points for picking the attacking army (using Epic Space Marine cards). The defending army has 1500 points which can be spent on both units and defenses. Defenders expend no supplies for a battle.

Campaign turn 1

The orks begin by conducting a major attack on the eastern flank of the frontline. They were victorious, pushing the frontline forward, encircling a pocket of imperial troops.

Campaign turn 2

A space marine battlegroup made a minor attack creating a salient and hoping to drive for the crossroads between two rivers.

Campaign turn 3

The orks send a major attack forward hoping to encircle and cut off the imperial offensive.

Battle for the maglev line

I created a battlefield based on the terrain featured in the hex on the campaign map. My new battle-mat has arrived featuring 3″ hexes in snow effect, so it is most definitely a winter war. The line of green hexes running the length of the board represents the maglev line ( shown in the map hex), which is a raised embankment. The orks are deployed, emerging from the wood line.

The starting deployment with the imperial defence anchored on the maglev line. The ork deployment was randomized by rolling a D3 to choose which section they were deployed in.
Ork infantry pushes forward in the centre, taking heavy fire from the imperial artillery. Meanwhile buggies and bikes sweep around the right flank to secure one of their ‘Take & Hold’ objectives.
The orks keep the pressure up on the imperial left flank, after securing there ‘Take & Hold’ objective. Imperial artillery rains down on a nobz mob which had reached the maglev embankment. Space marine tactical squads endeavor to hold back the rampaging ork buggies whilst the predator tanks engage the ork battlefortress.
The orks push forward on all fronts, capturing yet another ‘Take & Hold’ objective. Imperial firepower pummels the battlefortress to little effect.
The battlefortress is finally destroyed by massed heavy artillery fire, securing victory points for both killing a unit and achieving a ‘Cleanse’ objective. Even as the greenskin stompers move forward to engage, space marine counter attacks and successful artillery strikes on both ‘Bombard’ objectives steal victory from the jaws of defeat for the Imperial defenders.

So the intrepid forces of the Imperium are victorious, stopping the green horde in its tracks. Using the imperial guard as a solid defensive line whilst the Iron Eagles space marines were kept as a mobile reserve to conduct counter-attacks, worked really well.

The ork attack started out very strong and it almost looked like they were going to break the line with ease until the Iron Eagles stalled their progress and, as ever, the cards ran out (Von Clausewitz’s famous ‘friction in battle’)


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