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My Decemd-uary painting challenge (inspired by Azazel) has not progressed past my last post, but it has at least helped me to get back into painting mode.

With all the fun I’ve had with my Memoir 40k project, I decided to add a few troops from my Epic bits box. I picked up a single sprue of Imperial Guard infantry, now this would normally be a drop in the ocean for starting a new force in traditional Epic 40k, but with Memoir 40k I was able to make up two infantry units, 3 heavy weapon units, an ogryn unit and some leaders.

First test model for the new Imperial guard troopers

I’ve also been furiously painting up some sci-fi buildings ready for a battle at the end of the week. I bought these from Daemonscape for a very reasonable price and with some dry-brushing and added double-glazing, in the form of some self-adhesive gems, I’m pretty happy with outcome of the test model.