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I’m a few days into my Decemb-uary painting challenge and I have been pushing myself to get on with painting my space marine Dreadnought.

It’s funny how a couple of weeks away from the painting desk and I seem tentative to put brush to miniature, so I have been taking my time with it, slow and steady wins the race.

I started by dry-brushing the whole miniature with a light grey, followed by white. That has been all the progress on the torso to date.

For the next step I went on to the weapon arms. The shoulder pads were given a basecoat of panzer grey and then dry-brushed with light grey, then white. I then basecoated the weapon casing and power fist in Castellan green, which was followed by the camo scheme, painted on in pale sand and reddish-brown.

That’s all for now, hopefully there will be more progress reports soon.