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I have mentioned several times in the past of my fondness for the old board game Space Crusade. I have played many hours using both the core game and even making up my own scenarios, including rules for all sorts of other miniatures in my collection.

I also have a copy of the White Dwarf supplement which introduces rules with different races to replace the space marine squads. As I have always liked orks, I decided to collect a mob of Blood Axe Kommandos to send in to the hulk.

The first batch of blood axe kommandos, including an original metal kommando on the left.

Also, inspired by a recent post on Azazel’s Bitz Box, I painted up two old-school metal marines that I have had lying around for some time.

Space marine apothecary

Although apothecaries are usually bedecked in all white livery I decided that, in a galaxy that doesn’t recognise the Geneva Convention, it would be rather reckless to present oneself as such an easy target and so I gave him the basic Iron Eagles livery, with white and red shoulder pads.

Space marine veteran sergeant

I really like this old veteran sergeant model and hope that, as he is holding an auspex device, he might help me to remember to use the ‘Scanner’ equipment card which allows you to look at face-down blips. It’s a really useful card if you’re on an assassination mission and need to find a particular alien to kill, or if you just want to find out what’s in the next room without blundering in there, unfortunately I constantly forget to use it!!

My hobby activities will be slowing down next month as I am moving in with my fiance next week until our new house is ready and my hobby stuff will be put in storage, I have put together a small ‘portable nerding kit’, so I can keep on with some model assembly but the paint shop has been shut-down for the time being.