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Over the past few months I have found myself wandering away from table-top wargames, toward miniature board-games. This has been due mainly to the ease by which games like Space Crusade can be set-up and played, within a single gaming session, rather than the two or three sessions it takes to play out Epic battles.

I have made mention before of my adventures in Space Crusade, Lost Patrol and Dreadball, so I thought I would talk a little more about some of the projects, both old and new that have been at the vanguard of my hobby activities of late…

Space Hulk

Out in the deep black no-one can hear you scream!.. This fast-paced and tense game of blazing storm-bolters and scything talons, is always an absolute blast to play!

Several years ago a friend of mine had the idea of buying a copy of the game components on eBay, along with a couple of boxes of genestealers and ask if I’d want collect a set of terminators to go with it. The project was eventually left with me and I have played many of the scenarios from the book over the years.

Betrayal at Calth

Going under-ground… In the Arcologies of Calth, Roboute Guilliman’s indomitable Ultramarines fight bitter subterranean battles with Lorgar Aurelian’s arch-betrayers, the Word Bearers.

Another project idea, this time from the ubiquitous Graham. The components for this game can be found at a very reasonable price on eBay and using our collected Space Crusade minis, we have played all but the last scenario from the rule book.

All in all, this is a very simple game with quite a lot of depth. I really like the tactical options created by the consolidation rules, which allow you to separate and link up troops within hexes, allowing you to create ad hoc fire-teams. Each force has their own set of cards which can be used during play and give a distinct ‘flavour’ to each (I love the foul desecration and meat shield cards, which are used by the Word Bearers!)

Warhammer Quest: Shadows over Hammerhal

Whatever you do, don’t split the party!.. Dungeon dwellers unite in this revamp of an old classic.

Last but by no means least, my newest acquisition is Warhammer Quest: Shadows over Hammerhal. I looked at both this and Silver Tower, but decided that I rather liked the possibilities presented by a GM lead game, rather than cooperative play.

Being that I lack any competitive edge and enjoy creating fun and interesting games, playing the GM would suit me rather well, along with the fact that I much prefer to play the nefarious bad guys than the doughty heroes of course!

I have read through the short story, found in the ‘getting started’ book, but have yet to play. Hopefully I shall be putting the dungeoneers through their paces very soon…