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Sat in his lair, Orruck warlord Naythorn Pain of the Ootribe was not at all content with the general lack of violence and debauchery of late. It had been a slow year and sitting around twiddling his thumbs sat ill with him, there were foes to best and land to pillage, yet none would take on the challenge!

He would have fallen to misery, followed by rage and finally the wholesale slaughter of the entire tribe, had his scouts not come thundering into the settlement with news of a great cloud upon the horizon, an army on the march for sure! With the eagerness only the greenskins can show for war, they mobilized to meet the threat…

As the Orrucks deploy their battleline, the impetuous charioteers charge forward.

Orruck ‘Ard boyz prowl through the ‘mythical menhirs’

Whooping their bestial war cries, the Orrucks thunder toward the Khemri phalanx, upon the backs of their monstrous porcine mounts.

As the boar riders smash into the Undead front rank, splintering shields and femurs alike, they are suddenly engulfed by the shambling horde.

As the greenskin cavalry is beset by skeleton legions, the Orruck ‘ard boyz clash with the Ushabti constructs.

The Orruck’s savagery is no match for the Ushabti’s near limitless resilience.

Whilst most of the wargaming folk of this fair Isle made their way to the great city of Londinium, to the spend all their hard-earned guineas at Salute 2017, my good friend Pancake Payne and I decided to get together for some gaming goodness.

He was very eager to learn to play Age of Sigmar, so we threw down some models and terrain, and got down to some dice rolling. Being a training game we dispensed with a scenario and simply got down to the basics, which is great for learning (or indeed reminding one’s self of) how to play the game, but it does lack the interest factor that a good scenario would provide.

I wrote a post reviewing my first encounter with Age of Sigmar, which can be found here, and although I stand by my initial thoughts, I do feel that this game can be let down by the amount of dice rolling that is required. That being said, getting together with Pancake is always good fun and although I did manage to gain the upper-hand over his greenskins, they were definitely tough enough to make it a hard-fought victory for the legions of Khemri.