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” With your heart beating in your ears and your breath ragged in your lungs, you flee for your life. The distant hills echo with the howls of beasts and you know that they have your scent. Doom comes on necrotic paws and you realise that you cannot out-run the relentless advance of death itself.

Taking a look behind you causes you to stumble. Rolling and careening through the dust and scree, you finally skid to a halt. As you lie dazed and confused, the sounds become distant in your ringing ears… again those unearthly howls. 

It takes a moment to regain your composure… You have to get up! You have to keep running! Scrambling to your feet you dash forwards, your legs feel like jelly and your feet are like lead… but you must keeping going!

Rounding a large boulder you are stopped dead in your tracks. Before you stand a triumvirate of horrors. They are head and shoulders taller than you and each has a desiccated animal head, reminiscent of the gods of the ancients.

You sink to your knees, your head bowed. This is it! The reaper has finally caught up with you! And as they begin their inexorable advance, despair finally overwhelms you and you begin to sob…”