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“There lies an island in the midst of the Mediterranean sea, upon which, resides a gardener of much renown. She dwells alone, gliding effortlessly through the labyrinthine topiary borders and flower beds, tending to her beloved flora with the utmost dedication… 

Dotted about, here and there, stand a plethora of stone statues. These masonic effigies are of a startling verisimilitude, with every detail of anatomy and expression superbly rendered, as if by the hand of a master craftsman. But they do not posses the proud bearing of the mighty Olympians nor the mischievous countenance of mythical nymphs or satyrs. In the most part, they are portraits of mighty warriors bedecked in armour and wielding weapons. Their faces, when not clad in ornate helms, are twisted into visages of utter terror and despair…”


“The gardener meanders through her vast grounds and crafts them to perfection, with her scything bow, forged with precious metal filigree and a serpentine, bronze dagger.

Whilst meditating upon the statuary, she feels a deep and cutting sadness as if their faces reflect the horror of her own personal tragedy. You see, that behind the silence and serenity of the place there lies a dark secret. It is a story of lust, jealously and injustice. 

Once, many years before, the gardener was a pure and beautiful devotee of the goddess Athena. but the lustful advances of mighty Poseidon, provoked the ire of Athena and she banished the beautiful young maiden to this place, with a terrible curse. She will forever be cast from society and only encounter the attentions of men intent upon her destruction…

For to gaze upon her, is to take one’s final breath………. “


Medusa the Gorgon in her garden