Dust & Bones

Two figures walk through the blazing midday sun, ignoring the oppresive heat as they move amid the desert dunes with tireless conviction. The first figure strides with purpose, planting her staff into the sand with each step she takes. The other sits, stoop-backed, on its wiry mount…

After weeks of unceasing trek, ruined statues and crumbling columns materialise, coalescing in the heat-haze. The figures press on until they are surounded by the remains of a long lost civilisation, weathered and eroded by millenia. The woman turns and speaks to the mounted figure in a clipped and strange language not heard by the living in centuries uncounted. The mounted figure spreads its withered arms wide and starts to chant in a almost inaudible rasp like the death rattle of a plague victim…

The desert sands shift and stir under the blazing sun, a corpse breath gust swirls through the forgotten remains of a perished empire. A hand of desicated bone brakes the sandy surface like a macabre flower reaching for the sun and the rebirth of an ancient empire begins…

Queen Khalida and her loyal liche priest
Skull catapult and crew
Orc and Skaven skeletons, slaves from the gladiator pits
Restless spirits of lost souls caught in limbo at the very moment of death

19 thoughts on “Dust & Bones

    1. Thank you ! I’ve had these guys painted and photographed for the best part of a year now!? Much upheaval in my life in general has postponed things somewhat!!? but i hope to snap pics of more of the stuff I’ve been painting over the last couple of months.

  1. Absolutely lovely work. The muted but detailed paint scheme really fits the models and their background, and the whole thing is set off extraordinarily well by the equally well painted ruined statues and sandy background. If I may ask, where are they from?

    1. believe it or not it is a fish tank ornament i bought from a garden centre and simply repainted. You’d be surprised how many cool pieces of terrain you can find from the local pet shop too!! The sandy background is a cotton curtain that I bought from my local DIY store.the piles of sand around the base of the terrain are exactly that.

      1. Ah yes. I have a couple of pieces from the local pet emporium in my collection. Oddly, fish tank stuff tends to be really expensive here. Perhaps I should trawl eBay for the stuff. Well done putting them all together into the one composition for your excellent minis!

  2. I also liked the miniatures quite a bit, and one of things that caught my eye were the pink flowers. Did you buy them or make them yourself? I’d very much like to do something similar with some of my bases.

    1. Thank you for the kind comments. the flowers were bought from a wargaming company in the uk called Magister Militum but I believe there are quite a few companies that produce flower scenics nowadays.

      1. Thank you for the info. I’ll keep my eye open for something like them. I use a lot of Army Painter stuff, but I really liked those particular flowers. I’ll check them, thank you again.

    2. They can be piked up pretty easily from a lot of scenery-making places, or online stores. I usually get mine from Firestorm Games in Wales because of the free international shipping over 30 quid.

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