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For the past couple of weeks now I have been pondering about my hobby activities and in the vain of the New Year posts I have been reading lately I thought I might put fingers to keyboard and tell the internet all about it.

I have many wargaming projects of various eras and scales which I have been working on over the past couple of years and I have managed to finish the modelling and painting for several of them over the course of 2015.

Looking back I realized that I had gotten so lost in trying to tie-up the loose ends and finish them off that once i had done so I had nothing left to do!?.. I hadn’t considered this while I was ‘hell-bent for leather’ bringing all my projects to a close.

I started looking about for yet another project to start until I sat back and thought about it, am I going to chase the rabbit down yet another hole without any thought of the consequences?

After some deliberation I decided that I have started to really enjoy the painting side of the hobby (several years ago I hated painting with a passion) and I have much less time to play games these days so it makes sense to concentrate on painting and collecting (which is the bigger part of the wargaming hobby for most of us anyway).


Goblin Shaman which I really enjoyed painting last year

One of the collections I have enjoyed building-up the most has been that of my Greek Mythology miniatures, my only remit with this project was to collect and paint miniatures simply because I wanted to, there was no real plan in regard to playing games (though I have played several games using various systems).

With this in mind I had a look through my boxes of bits and dug out some interesting fantasy miniatures which I had acquired over the years, mostly in too small a number to be used in an army, but always liked and I also went on eBay to find miniatures I really wanted to have a go at painting (including the ‘Ogre Hunter’ pictured above).

So my plan (if such aimless machinations could be so-called) is to continue happily beavering-away with no plan in mind than to simply spend time relaxing with a paintbrush in my hand.