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As well as all the other projects I’ve been detailing on this very blog over the past couple of weeks, I have been up to my neck in static grass and flock whilst making a terrain board on which to play Battle Cry using my 10mm American Civil War miniatures.

Battle Cry is a hex-based miniatures board game from the Command & Colours family of games created by Richard Borg and as I’m not as much of an aficionado of the American Civil War as bloggers such as Arkiegamer, its simple mechanics and plethora of historic scenarios makes it perfect for the neophyte such as I to learn more about this conflict.


This is just one combination that can be created and I have enough hexes to increase the river or remove it entirely. Many of the plain hexes are drilled to allow for trees to be screwed in creating forested areas and the round pieces can be laid on top to represent hills.

I still have some extra terrain pieces yet to make including split-rail fences, entrenchments, hay fields and the like, but for now I’m ready to start playing the first scenarios from the rule book.

Let’s start raising that rebel yell!