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Dreadball, created by Jake Thornton and released by Mantic Games, is an intense and fun sci-fi sports game of throwing Strikes and bone-jarring Slams. I have been playing Dreadball for some time, but until now it has been somewhat overlooked on the blog, so I thought to address that…

Game On!..

Team Rosters

Each team posses a varying mix of player positions, fast-scoring Strikers, hard-hitting Guards and Jack-of-all-trades (who can do both but have mastered neither!)

The first team I have, and by far my favourite, is the Calgarox Flames. My Orx team has been given a colour scheme in homage to my favourite ice hockey team, the Calgary Flames and posses yellow skin (as I’m sick to the molars of green-skinned orcs!).

They can be a difficult team to play with as they lack Strikers, having only Goblin Jacks and Orx Guards, and struggle to get into position to score strikes. It all comes down to positioning and passing amongst the Goblins while the Orx meter out the pain!

Dreadball 2

Next comes the Corporation’s human team, given the epithet Ordnance Solutions by Graham who generally played with them until he got hold of a team of his own. They were given a colour scheme mimicking the Edmonton Oilers (Calgary’s ‘Battle of Alberta’ rivals).

The human team has a good mix of player positions, boasting Guards, Jacks and Strikers, and provides a solid (If a bit boring) all-round team.

Dreadball 3

Last, but by no means least, comes the Tentaclese 29ers. My newest acquisition is a team from The Nameless Confederation, a plethora of related alien species.

They have only Guards and Strikers, but posses two different species of Guard, big carapace encased Hard Guards and smaller tentacle-endowed Sticky Guards. One provides the hard-hitting whilst the other is near impossible to evade. The Strikers are hellish fast and with so many limbs they are excellent ball handlers.

Dreadball 1

So there you have it! Ladies and gentlemen are you ready to RUUUUUMBLE!!???