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As I am on somewhat of a role with my posting here’s yet another! This time a project with which I have been busying myself with over the past month or so, the Lost Patrol.

Lost Patrol

I was first exposed to this little gem of a game when the designer, Jake Thornton, brought it down during one of our regular gaming sessions a year or more ago, and I loved it instantly!

Originally released in 2000 by Games Workshop, Lost Patrol follows a squad of Space Marine scouts as they endeavour to make their way through the constantly shifting jungle of a distant death world to their drop pod and escape. The jungle, however, is full of lurking predators hungry for new meat!

As an original copy of this game is near impossible to find (rarer than rocking-horse dung in fact!) I was able to create the hex boards and ‘Lurker’ tokens needed and replaced the Space Marine scouts with Catachan jungle fighters. All of which is held in a cool ‘ammo tin’ which I found on Amazon.

Lost Patrol 1

The scout squad is made up of 3 basic troopers, a sergeant and a heavy support weapon trooper. Jake has also created extra rules for a sniper.

Lost Patrol 3

Lost Patrol 2

This game is excellent fun and very challenging for the scouts, as they try to navigate the twisting and sometimes shifting paths of the semi-sentient jungle, while all the time, nightmarish predators lurk everywhere, massing to ambush the hapless warriors.