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While I was conducting a Google image search, looking for inspiration for my diorama project, I happened upon these fascinating things called terrariums. A terrarium is a decorative, self-contained Ecosystem kept in a glass receptacle which very often contain a miniature diorama such as these examples…



Rather beautiful I think you will agree, but why am I posting about this? Well I think this would create a very interesting and unique way to display my party of fantasy adventures Boudi, Delphine and Sana.

Now I don’t think I would go as far as to create an actual living diorama, but I think a fake terrarium with flock, cork bark, and model trees & bushes would look fantastic! It would also make keeping the whole scene dust free a cinch!

At some point in the future I rather think I would like to create a real terrarium for a really special miniature, maybe a desert scene with cacti and the like…