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I have been conducting hostilities with my regular opponent Graham through the medium of EPIC: Titan Legions over the last couple of months, conducting a somewhat experimental campaign.

The first battle represented recon in force followed by a succession of larger battles in which the victory point difference gave the victor a percentage extra in points value for the next battle.

The following pictures were taken of the course of several battles:


Battle wagons of the Evil Suns storm across the frozen wastes, towing hop-splat guns for close-support artillery.

Imperial Armour

Legions of infantry aflame with hatred of the green skin menace slog through the bleak steppes in the wake of armoured spearheads.


Mighty titans of the Adeptus Mechanicus stride forward like mighty avatars of war.


From the skies came banshee wails as Ork fighter-bombers scream in from on high and unloaded upon the legion of guard vehicles.


Warlord Ghazkull Thraka looks on as his green horde thunders across the icy steppes.


Ghazkull’s flag Gargant stumbles forward burning from multiple fires and wracked with internal explosions.

After several games, it became apparent that the percentage increase was somewhat harsh allowing the victor of the first battle to gain too much momentum, gaining more and more of an advantage in numbers.

We have since got back to basics and decided to grant advantages based upon the scenario played. After a small ‘recon in force’ battle, the victor can choose to add a +/-1 to the dice rolled for the amount of terrain in each sector and also choose from which edge he will deploy.

This will represent the better intelligence gained by the victor on the lay of the land, allowing him to use the ground to his advantage. From there we will play bigger games and decide what seems most appropriate advantages and disadvantages after each battle.