The other day, I was greeted with a message from the very gracious Dagger and Brush bestowing upon me a nomination for a Liebster-style “Wargaming Blog Excellence Award – Let us smite evil together!” I was most pleased to have been given such praise especially from a blogger that I hold in such high esteem.

Still being somewhat of a neophyte in the world of blogging I had no idea what a Liebster award was, I mean, when would the voting take place? After consulting the omniscient Google, I found this helpful article all about it. For those as ignorant as I was, a Liebster award is given from bloggers to other bloggers to recognise and help promote their sites, a rather philanthropic idea I’m sure you will agree.

So on to my end of the bargain, firstly my answers to the questions set by Dagger and Brush:

1. If you would become emperor of the world what would be your first decree?

Although I know very little about World politics and have even less desire to hold so much power, If made Emperor of the World, I would decree that all Third-World debt be written off. I cannot see how these countries are to improve their lot if the First World countries hold these seemingly insurmountable debts over their heads.

2. What is it that you love most about war-gaming as a hobby and why?

I had an interest in military history from a young age and as a young lad, would play with 1:72 toy soldiers all the time. I was, however, from a generation more interested in computer consoles (of which I did not possess) and therefore I did so alone. After hitting my teens and discovering girls and rock and roll, I left the toy soldiers behind and didn’t pick them up again till my mid twenties.

The point of this little story is that after discovering war-gaming again as an adult I was able to pursue my interest with other like-minded people and have made many friends, including some through this very blog. So the short answer is the companionship and fun times that war-gaming has brought into my life.

3. You are sent back in time and end up in a period of your choice. However, the time machine is destroyed in the process, and you are here to stay.  Which period would that be and what would you do after you arrived?

Although I have a deep-seated interest in military history, I’m a generally peaceable bloke and if I could pick a point in history to go back to, I would pick North America / Canada before it’s discovery by Europeans. I admire and respect the culture of the native American peoples and would happily look for a Forest Indian tribe to adopt me so that I could immerse myself in what I believe would be a rather peaceful and idyllic lifestyle.

Now for my nominations for “Wargaming Blog Excellence Award – Let us smite evil together!”:

Quirkworthy: Jake is an amazing game designer, with such titles as Dead Zone, Dread Ball and Dwarf King’s Hold (amongst many others) to his name and I am grateful to be able to call him a personal friend. His blog is full of thoughts from a game designer’s point of view as well as game reviews and on-going support for his games.

Plastic Panzer Addict:  The most impressive output of wargames miniatures I have seen on the internet, I mean it, this guy is a one man factory! His constant updates of additions to his ever-expanding 1:72 WWII collection boggles the mind, and his battle reports are always worth a read, with great photos of his excellent miniatures and terrain throughout.

And finally my questions for the nominees:

1. What period, scale and manufacturer did you favour when playing toy soldiers as a child? (Mine was 1:72 scale Matchbox WWII)

2. What was your best war-gaming experience?

3. If you had to ‘fight the tank’, which period, crew position and tank would you choose to do it in?