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During my couple of days off, I have been busy sorting out my 1/600 WWII miniatures. Firstly I decided to redo the labels for my infantry stands because I have never been quite happy with the ones I created before, as I wanted them to be easy to identify when playing but be generally unobtrusive so that they don’t detract too much from the miniatures themselves…


New labels, the colour designates the company and the numbers are for platoon – squad

I then started to paint and base the plethora of tanks that I’ve had lying around for some time…

Tank closeup

Allied tanks including Cromwells to the front and Sherman DDs at the back

‘You stow that s**t Parnham!’

With a good deal of tanks finished and ready for the battlefield, I needed some form of storage for them. A year or so ago I solved the problem of storing my infantry in the form of old video cassette cases…

Infantry storage cases

 I couldn’t help myself and created these covers which I think are rather fetching.

Infantry storage cases2

The cases have 3 layers and can hold a full infantry battalion plus support weapons

I didn’t need something quite so large for my tanks as they are on much smaller bases. However, I happened across the idea of using the boxes that Games Workshop sell their grass tufts in, I had few of these going spare and only needed to cut some magnetic sheets to size and of course create a cover design!

Tank cases

The cases allow for 2 levels and can hold up to 60 tanks in total

I can now pack my whole collection away in a very small amount of space and carry them to a friends house in my record bag with no problems what so ever!

And while I was taking photos I couldn’t help but set up a little diorama…

Armour column

Canadian armour rolls through a Normandy village