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Over the last couple of weeks, my good friend Graham and I have been locking heads in the realms of fantasy with God of Battles by Jake Thornton. In our previous battle, my Undead horde destroyed Graham’s Dwarves in a glorious orgy of blood, so we decided this time to do a follow-on scenario.

We used scenario two from the rulebook in which Graham’s Dwarven survivors attempted to fight their way to safety through a blocking force that had stolen a march on them whilst also holding off the rest of the Undead horde that were still in hot pursuit!

Fighting Withdrawal


The Dwarven survivors set off on their forced-march to the safety of the mountains.



A pursuing horde of Undead is held off by Dwarf Berserkers as the rest of the column make their escape.



More Undead and their ghoulish followers appear upon the horizon, attempting to block the Dwarf’s path.



More Ghouls charge from the trees only to be confronted by the resolute Dwarves led by a fearsome Cave Bear.



The Dwarves prepare for a valiant final stand as the fell masses of the Ghoul Queen surge forward, moving in for the kill.

Unfortunately, our time ran out with the battle still perched on a razor’s edge. However, we decided that the Undead had managed a moral victory as the Dwarves would have been hard pressed to extricate themselves from the pursuing hordes of Undead horrors. It was a very tense game that could have gone either way, and we both had a lot of fun and has inspired us to think about running a campaign.

To this end I have uncovered a very interesting campaign set from RPGDriveThu called War of the Dead, this structured campaign book has 12 scenarios in which the undead are ravaging the land, and it is up to the living to stop them! I am really looking forward to getting my teeth into this and hope to write a little more on this in due time.

Raising the muster

I also took some time, this week, to do some recruiting for my ever-expanding army and what better way to show honour to my brave enemies than to dig up a few of their ancestors!


The standard-bearer to the left was fixed with the addition of a trophy, in the form of a Dwarf head, that I hope will stop the flag pole from snapping off again. The Dwarven Skeletons were created by cutting a few millimetres out of the legs of a Tomb Kings miniature and although they are still a little bigger than most 28mm dwarves (the Dwarf on the right gives a good comparison), I am still quite happy with the result.

I have also used some old miniatures from the bit’s box to create a Dwarf baggage train for our battles too! And as Graham and I are getting together for another encounter this week I hope to get it on the table sometime soon.