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With a welcome four days off over the Easter weekend I have hit the ground running by painting the final miniature for my Undead army, the Ghoul Queen herself…


Women… always the last to get ready!?

This concludes the first stage of the army (24 points) and very proud of it I am too! I look forward to seeing them hit the battlefield sometime soon, hopefully against Dwarves as I have sparked Graham’s interest in playing some Fantasy gaming. Eventually I will start trying out some combinations for the next stage of 36 points using proxy models.

As the Undead have a very low ‘Aggression’ level I will be defending a good deal of the time and so have decided to get some terrain sorted out, with that in mind I have made two new purchases…


This will give me three sets of ‘Ancient Ruins’


A ghost to represent the ‘Habitat’ Creatures to be found in the ‘Ancient Ruins’

I hope to start on these over the next couple of days, but as I would like them to be easily transported I will need to have a good think about whether they could be built in a ‘knock-down’ format if at all possible, so that should keep me out of trouble for a while!