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Undead 1 A series of unfortunate events have kept me away from blogging over the course of the last couple of weeks, however what doesn’t kill me can only make me stronger! which leads me nicely on to the subject of this post… I have at least been steadily working through my ‘Grande Armée de la Mort’ and I have finally painted everything for my 24pt army save ‘The Ghoul Queen’ herself (Who will be getting some special attention very soon). So with no further ado here are some pictures…


Skeleton Horde


The Ghoul Queen’s Skeleton Horde ‘body-guard’


Three ‘Gaggles’ of Ghouls


‘Baggage Camp’

The figures on the baggage camp are removable and double as ‘Activation Counters’ whilst playing games of God of Battles. I have left spaces on the camp for some flowers which I will be picking up at ‘Salute 2014’ upon the ‘morrow, but all told I’m almost finished… Almost being the operative word because as well as needing to paint her malevolent highness I also have one more thing to do… My good friend Quirkworthy commented that the large shields of some of the skeletons would look good with some heraldry applied and brought to my attention Little Big Man Studios who make banners and shield transfers for a number of different eras and scales. I found that the transfers for Perry Miniatures ‘Burgundian Pavises’ were a close match and ordered some sheets with alacrity. They arrived very recently and so I have done a test model…   IMG_0728   These transfers look fantastic and are very easy to apply (they are provided with an instruction leaflet which shows you how to go about it). Now they obviously don’t match my GW shields perfectly, however, with a dabbing of GW’s new Typhus Corrosion’ special effects paint I have blended it in nicely and I am most happy with the result! I will be giving the same treatment to the rest over the weekend and hope to get The Ghoul Queen prepared for a coat of paint next week. Once those little tasks are complete I will probably start looking towards the next stage of this project but more on that next time!..


The horde of shambling horrors march ever onwards, always swelling their ranks with the bodies of their fallen foes!