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Whilst enjoying my week off work here at ‘Tinpot Towers’, I have been experimenting with a Zinnfiguren (also known as a flat miniature).

A colleague at work brought my attention to these interesting miniatures and was kind enough to furnish me with a couple he had spare so that I could paint some of these niche figures.

The result of my first tentative endeavours is this rather dashing fellow, a Napoleonic French cuirassier leading the charge in his very own little framed diorama…

Avant 1

Avant 3

Avant 5

I procured the frame from my local Wilkinson’s D.I.Y store for a couple of Guineas and the printed background was found after an exhaustive Google search for a suitable image, the original of which can be viewed here.

The frame has a recess behind the glass which allowed me to create a small diorama, set just in front of the background art and only needed a coat of paint to be applied.

After painting the figure, I glued it to the inside of the frame and used wood-filler to create a mud effect, added grass tufts here and there and finally placed cotton wool on top for the powder smoke.

I am heartily happy with the result and am even now trying to find ‘just the right spot’ in which to display it!