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I was recently able to get my grubby little paws on a bunch of 15mm ancients in the form of both a Roman and barbarian army. They were already painted (thank the gods! As I don’t think I could have mustered the patience to paint a hundred plus stands of units myself!) and so all that was necessary for me to do was to magnetize the bases and apply a generous coat of Army Painter ‘Dip shade’.

I have put together a small Roman legion and Pictish war band for playing DBA and Hordes of the Things, very much inspired by the movie ‘Centurion’, and hope to get them on to the battlefield sometime very soon.

Until then I have taken the opportunity to try out my new camera (and flex my Photoshop muscles!) to create a little diorama with some of the models in question.


Pict warriors lie in wait,
ready to ambush a hapless (and rather damp and miserable) Roman column.