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Earlier this month I attended a ‘God of Battles’ tournament at Foundry Miniatures. Jake ‘Quirkworthy’ Thornton, the designer of this excellent fantasy game, ran the day and although a petite affair it was a most enjoyable time.

My Undead army project had been sitting on the back-burner since my last post in March, buried but not forgotten, and I thought that Jake’s tournament would be a great reason to rustle them up and blow off the cobwebs!

Grande Armée de la Mort

After many, many smashing defeats my first problem was to reform my army into a better fighting force and so after much introspection I decided on a final army list:

  • A Necromancer with Sacred Texts
  • A Blacksoul
  • 3x Formed units of Skeleton Hordes
  • 3x Loose units of Ghouls

This force gives me a solid but flexible battle line with formed units in the centre and on both flanks, providing mutual support for each other, whilst my loose units can either bolster the line and or be thrown forward as a skirmish screen.

My new force provided me with a reasonable degree of success at the tournament, as I managed to finish second after winning two out of three battles! Now we’re talking! And with such progress I have been inspired to get my miniatures somewhere towards being fully assembled and painted. I gave a glimpse of one of my part-finished Skeleton Hordes In my ‘Rattling Bones’ post and have now finished them off completely. Within this unit can also be found one of my two main characters.


“Ah… Kalee… I picked well in Kalee. She is my strong right-hand, the Lost Slayer. Her beauty and grace are matched only by her base cunning…”

The main theme of my army is the juxtaposition between absolute beauty and abject horror, so both of the main characters are women who’s eternal beauty is fed by dark magic that leaves them forever surrounded by death and decay.

Kalee is my Blacksoul, a powerful undead warrior of yore, raised by the Ghoul Queen to bolster her ever-growing horde. This Hasslefree miniature is one that I bought several years ago simply because I fell in love with her on site! Kev White is an amazing sculptor of the female form who seems to capture that quintessential ‘femininity’ that I find is sadly lacking in many other sculpts.





Going on Campaign

With my first formation finished (and most happy I am with it too!) I will endeavour to press on with the next one and am looking forward to this coming Saturday (5th October) as Jake is intending to run a ‘God of Battles’ Campaign Day. Hopefully another of my formations will earn their paint job!