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With the glorious weather during the last couple of weekends, no small novelty on this rainy Isle I call home, I have been engaged with getting things squared away for the summer in the home & garden and this has led to my being silent of late. Indeed there has been little time for the crafting of Hobby Rubble recently, however, I haven’t been completely idle in my hobby machinations…

‘Time spent on reconnaissance is Never wasted’

My most frequent war game opponents and I have an unspoken rule along the lines that If you want to play a particular game, of whichever scale or period (Historic/Fantasy), you will have to build and paint the armies yourself, the result of this understanding is that we all get to enjoy playing different games (some of which I wouldn’t want/get time to do myself) And as each person is interested and passionate about the subject they have the time and motivation to build and paint all the models & terrain and then create interesting scenarios to use them with.

I have many such projects, in varying states of completion, which have been knocking around the dusty corridors of the old homestead for quite some time and one example which I feel is worthy of note is of a distinctly Warhammer 40,000 nature…


Epic Titan Legions : ‘Big Guns Never Tire’

My interest in Epic first manifested itself when a friend gave me a heap of old White Dwarf magazines some years ago, in which were secreted several old Games Workshop rule books including Epic: Titan Legions written by Andy Chambers. I was very impressed with many of the simple & elegant mechanics that I found in these rules and so chose to embark on a quest to build two armies with which to play it.

I decided upon an Imperial force, made up predominantly of Space Marine formations with Imperial Guard armour and Titan support, pitched against a huge Ork Waaaaarrghh!! I now have two creditable sized armies (much of which has been finish-painted) and I have had many enjoyable games with my friends which have provided lots of fuel for my creative nature. The armies have gained their own character and developed a narrative throughout the scenarios that we have played…

Waaaarrghh!!!! Eisengore Unleashed

The great Ork WarLord Eisengore brought together a Waaaarghh!! of immense proportions, though he was by no means the most impressive warrior by Ork standards he had a kind of Orky Charisma and possessed an intuitive ability to get the other Orks organised together, seeming even to be able to plaster over the deepest of rifts & rivalries between the plethora of Ork Clans. With his best ‘Generals’, such as Warboss Ol’Blood ‘N’ Gutz working out the tactics for battle, Eisengore was able to concentrate on the best way to employ his ideas on a more ‘Inter-Galactic’ scale, Even the Orks need to think about logistics!

As soon as he had a well-equipped army and a fleet of space-worthy hulks, he was ready to embark upon his plans to invade the territories at the outer rim of the Imperium of Man. Represented on the battlefield in the form of his ‘Flag Gargant’ BoomBoom Mancini, he commanded mostly from afar, leaving his ‘Frontline Generals’ to do the work on the ground as he directed things in the rear echelon. All seemed to fall beneath his crushing Waaaarghh!! Invasion…


‘Flag Gargant’ BoomBoom Mancini

The Imperium in Peril

One of the many Imperial worlds to fall under a swathe of Ork vessels was the planet of  Arderra V, an ice world which stood as part of the dense web of Global Defense Systems which lie on the outer fringes of the Imperium. The Planetary Defense Force of Arderra V  was easily overwhelmed by the speed and ferocity of the Ork hordes and cries for reinforcement made by the Planetary Governor were answered in the form of their Parent Adeptus Astartas Chapter, the Iron Eagles.

Along with armoured support elements of the Imperial Guard and Titans of the Mechanicus, The Iron Eagles dealt a swift counter-attack in an attempt to sweep the planet clean of the Xenos abomination.

A Hero Enters the Fray

I have been a long time fan of that dashing & dastardly ‘Hero of the Imperium’ Ciaphas Cain. These Black Library novels, written by Sandy Mitchell, are a humorous and rip-roaring take on the world of Warhammer 40.000 and have provided the inspiration for the newest addition to my Epic Imperial force.

In his early career as an Imperial Guard Commissar, Ciaphus is attached to the 12th Valhallan Field Artillery Regiment and first meets the unprepossessing trooper Jurgen, who is assigned to him as his aide-de-camp and becomes his life-long companion in his stories of derring-do.

With the recent purchase of a pack of Epic Griffon mortar tanks, to represent Bombards, I have now collected the necessary models to build these company and detachment cards for Titan Legions and will be cracking on with painting them up ready to do battle sometime soon!..

Titan Legion Cards