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‘Sticks and stones may break my bones but there are plenty more where they came from. My ‘Grande Armée de la Mort’ is never stronger than when in the presence of death and the heat of battle!…’

Having pitted my wits against the inscrutable Quirkworthy just the other day, I feel that I have finally started to get the hang of  commanding these little boney buggers! I have tried several different formations for a 24 pt army and have finally settled for a solid and flexible force…

‘Grande Armée de la Mort’

Necromancer with Armour of Night, Souldrinker and two Sacred Texts leading two Skeleton Hordes and three Gaggles of Ghouls

Now for the hard work, building & painting them!?

One unit that is reaching completion is this skeletal horde in the making…

I am most pleased with how the colouring has come out because this is the first time I’ve painted a whole unit using this method. Firstly I undercoated them with GW Skull White and then mixed GW paints and washes to produce custom inks, drybushing highlights as I went. Just the bases to finish now!

There are only twelve models, having started out (un)life as Skeleton Warriors, so I’m going to grab for my spade and go rustle up a fourth rank!