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“I am the Ghoul Queen, harbinger of darkness and reaper of souls, I am an artiste of the dark arts and favoured daughter of Lord Vutesh. This tome, my finest work, will be a record of my majesty…’

This project started a little while ago when Jake Thornton got me thinking about building an army for his new rule set God of Battles. The ‘Undead’ was the obvious choice simply because I had some models, which were given to me by a friend and my modest income didn’t allow for me to spend much money.

The Necromancer character is the key to the whole army (you can’t raise the dead without one after all!) so I wanted a very special model. The Ghoul Queen is a beautifully sculpted figure from Reaver Miniatures and when I saw her I knew I had to have her. Up until then I hadn’t spent even a shiny shilling on miniatures and so felt that I deserved a little treat!…

Reaper miniature’s Ghoul Queen (and Games Workshop Nurgling ‘Familiar’)

With a necromancer ready to raise the dead, I set about crafting her Grande Armée de la Mort!…