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My army project for the newly released God of Battles has been recently rekindled in the fires of the foundry…

I had a most enjoyable time with the very Quirkworthy  game designer Jake Thornton and; Mesters Marcus and Tom of Foundry Miniatures. I for my part endeavored to aide Jake in the running of a game between the latter and had a  jolly good time to boot! Foundry has always been a welcoming place and Marcus was most accommodating. They are having an open day next Saturday, to which I plan to attend and hope to get my army to a state of readiness by then (assembled at the very least) I may not get a game with them but I find that setting myself deadlines is always a good motivator!

I was also able to procure some new miniatures for my Undead Grande Armee, including These wonderful pieces, which were brought to my attention by Marcus…

These?.. for an undead army?… Have I taken leave of my senses? I cannot in all good conscience refute such allegations, however, I will be posting up the first entry in my new Army Diary this week, in which I will endeavour to better enlighten you as to the means behind such seemingly inexplicable madness.