Last weekend I went away to a place called Kettlewell in the Yorkshire Dales for a friend’s birthday party. We stayed in a hostel booked out especially for the occasion and spent Saturday morning walking out in the Dales, the afternoon playing games and then partied into the wee small hours of Sunday morning. It was a pleasant, if physically draining weekend which culminated in a trip to the York Wargames Show Vapnartak on Sunday. There were lots of interesting games going on and many traders selling their wares, including Mantic Games promoting their latest release Dreadball written by his Quirkworthy-ness Jake Thornton.

I had spent a little time the previous day jotting down notes of things to look for when I got there but was so zombified I could do little more than walk around with a thousand yard stare, I did however, manage to remember to pick up a new set of dice from the Dice Shop Online (more of the evil little square buggers to torment my opponents with!!) and some Zvezda Art of Tactic WWII eastern front models from the Plastic Soldier Company.

I will be writing more about the Art of Tactic war game Barbarossa 1941 at a later date but for the moment it is suffice to say that I am much enamored with this gaming system and at £2.99 a model, the basic boxed set can be added to very cheaply indeed!


Another stall that caught my bloodshot eyes was that of Studio McVey, with a display cabinet full of beautiful miniatures painted to an awe inducing high standard. Here is a closeup pic of one of the miniatures that I was most infatuated with (not my own photography, I was much too concerned with the business of staying upright):

Ruby 2

The gorgeous dino riding cowgirl ‘Ruby’

I was very close to braving the fearsome ‘wallet moths’ to get hold of one of these minis but thought better of it, after all, I do have to eat this month! All in all it was a great weekend and as they say ‘A change is as good as a rest’!